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Campus Activity Spikes For 'Happy Volley'

by on June 01, 2010 7:26 AM

More than 300 girls' youth volleyball clubs descended upon State College this weekend for the Happy Volley Club Championships.

And though all teams were there for the same reason, members of one Maryland-based club said the experience was one of a kind.

All that the members of the 15-and-under Maryland Juniors Volleyball Club knew to expect when they arrived Friday was three days of intense volleyball. For four members of the club's Regional Team (the club also has Open and Elite teams), that was exactly how they spent Memorial Day weekend.

After waking at 6:30 a.m. and playing three games, they enjoyed the welcome break and good weather by relaxing on the hill outside the Multi-Sport Complex while the rest of the team finished line judging. 

They said they were in awe of the sheer size of the tournament -- the largest any had played in -- but the real shock was the on-campus living accommodations. They stayed in Brumbaugh Hall on Penn State's campus.

Tess Rosenberg said she had been to Penn State to watch her older sister play in this tournament the previous four years, but after living "dorm life" she has more to say than "I just tagged along."

For Rosenberg, the three nights spent in the dorm created even better memories than the team's matches. Despite the heat -- which they all agreed were unbearable -- the team couldn't say enough about their nights.

Erin McAuliffe, another MDJR player, said there had been a prank war going on between her team and others on the floor, which she proudly claims was their doing. "The other teams are pranking each other now too, but we definitely started it," she said.

The pranks were harmless -- toilet papering a teammate's room and putting clothing in the freezer -- nevertheless it was "the most fun they had all weekend." One teammate thought about bringing a rubber snake but sadly enough left it at home.

When they weren't running the halls of the dorm, the MDJR Regional team ventured downtown to shop and eat. Like most visitors, the team loaded up on Penn State Volleyball apparel and was pleased to see how much the shops had to offer.

Rosenberg noticed how many people were walking around State College and said, "it was really busy but so much fun."

Penn State did provide two meals in the dining commons per day, but because The Happy Volley Club Championships marked the end of the season for the Regional team, their coach made a reservation at the Allen Street Grill -- for 30 people. All of the girls agreed the meal was better than eating more Pizza Rolls in their rooms.

Dana is a Penn State senior majoring in broadcast journalism and is a news intern. She can be reached at [email protected]
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