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Centre County Opioid Crisis: Where to Get Help

by on April 03, 2017 5:00 AM

There are a variety of community resources available to help with drug and alcohol addiction. Here is a breakdown of some of those services, from the HOPE Initiative.


The Drug and Alcohol Office is a county-administered program of community-based services through a statewide network of providers. The goal of the office is the prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. 

For general questions about services, call (814) 355-6744 during regular business hours, Mondays through Fridays, to discuss the various options available, or visit the website at


If you are interested in talking with a treatment provider you can call the following:

■ Clear Concepts Counseling, (814) 355-7629

■ Crossroads Counseling, (814) 231-0940

■ Quest Services, (814) 342-6740

■ State College Medical, (814) 235-6988

If you think you need more intensive help or are unsure of where to start, call the Centre County Drug and Alcohol Office. A case manager will discuss the options available to you and arrange for an assessment to determine the services that will best meet your needs. 
For emergency detox admissions in the evening and on weekends, call Centre County CAN HELP at (800) 643-5432.


If you would like to talk with someone who is in recovery, and who is likely to understand what you are going though, call:

■ Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline, (814) 237-3757

■ Recovery Support Services at Crossroad Counseling, (814) 231-0940


 TAP, The Ambassadors Program

TAP is a nonprofit charitable organization that focuses on providing understanding, education and support to individuals, families and the community so they can become proactive and more effective with the challenges of addiction. TAP helps to assist with finding treatment services related to alcohol and drug rehab programs, sober living, detoxification, rehabilitation and recovery. 

To speak with a TAP representative, call (814) 571-1240.

 United Against Heroin Addiction

United Against Heroin Addiction seeks to create a model that actively addresses the heroin epidemic in Centre County, with the goal of implementing it in other communities by direct assistance to addicts, community education and awareness programs, emotional support to affected families and friends, and guiding effective legislation and governmental funding. 

Contact UAHA at (866) 691-4192, or visit to learn more.


 PSU Evidence-based Prevention and 
Intervention Support Center

The EPIS Center represents a collaborative partnership between the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency and the Prevention Research Center, College of Health and Human Development, Penn State University. The EPIS Center aims to promote the greater use of prevention and intervention programs that have proven their effectiveness in rigorous scientific evaluations. 

To learn more, visit 

 Centre County Youth Service Bureau

The Youth Service Bureau seeks to ensure that children, youth and families will have opportunities to realize and fulfill their potential for growth and development through their participation in a continuum of community-based, family-based and residential programs.

YSB is home to 14 distinct programs serving children and families, including drug and alcohol prevention programming. These programs teach prevention strategies to youth in school and community settings and provide education to parents and educators about talking with kids and helping them be drug free.

To speak with someone at the YSB, call (814) 237-5731, or learn more by visiting their website at

 PACCT — Parents of Addicted Children Come Together

 The Community Help Centre’s PACCT program specifically addresses the challenges faced by parents of children with substance abuse issues. Guided by Community Help Centre’s trained facilitators, group members help each other problem solve and find ways to potentially intervene and break the cycle of addiction. The group meets one day a week for two hours during the four-week program period. 

For more information, call (814) 234-8222.


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