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Cold & Snow in the Air, Maybe a Hint of Spring too?

by on February 05, 2015 6:15 AM

The past few weeks have brought a hodge podge of winter weather woes to State College -- snow, ice, sleet, extreme cold, more snow, freezing rain -- you name it.

And there's no end in sight -- at least not right away.

But AccuWeather's long-range forecast suggests there just might be some light at the end of the frozen tundra tunnel.

On Wednesday, temperatures soared into the thirties, but don't get too used to that. Before we talk about milder weather we have to get through the next round of cold and snow.

Thursday will be much colder with more nasty wind chills. "The winds going to pick up," says AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Paul Pastelok. "It's going to get blustery out there. It's going to be pretty cold. It's probably going to stay in the teens most of the day and the wind's going to blow about 15 to 20 miles per hour so it's going feel like it's below zero."

There's another winter storm waiting in the wings that could make a mess of things over the weekend with snow flurries possible on Saturday. "On Sunday night we see  the precipitation picking up with the steadier variety of snow. Definitely plowing material," says Pastelok.

It's too early to tell how much snow we'll get Sunday into Monday but there is the potential for several inches.

"We'll be stuck in this pattern probably until mid-February, maybe even the third week of February, before things might just ease back slightly," says Pastelok. "Temperatures may not be as extremely cold but will still be on the chilly side."

Nobody's talking about an early spring, but it appears that Old Man Winter just might let up on the throttle a bit according to AccuWeather's just-released long-range forecast. Pastelok, who runs the company's long-range department says he's actually expecting a late spring -- but this spring won't be anything like what we saw last year.

"It's milder than last year. Last year, if you remember, it was brutal. From February, March, and even into April, it was kind of cold. We're not looking at that kind of weather this year. It's going to be milder than it was last year but not mild.

"With this snow pack on the ground going into early March we'll struggle a bit. Temperatures won't get too high but then I think we'll get a melting process in March, we'll lose the snow, and then we'll start to see some better temperatures as we go into the middle and latter part of the month."

That means temperatures will be near normal, with highs in the mid-fifties by the end of March, maybe even 60 degrees, although there could still be some chilly nights with lows in the twenties. And of course, a big snowstorm in March is always a possibility.

By comparison, last year at the end of March, we had a string of days when the highs were in the thirties.

April will also be a bit on the chilly side but Pastelok thinks you'll really like the weather in late spring. "I think May is actually a warmer month overall and should actually be a better month then it was last year too," he says.

"Hang on there," he adds, "because I think we do have a good latter part of the spring to bring some really nice weather for us."

Click HERE for the latest weather update from AccuWeather.


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