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Comedian Kevin Hart Cracks Up A Packed Bryce Jordan Center

by on March 30, 2015 6:35 AM

The name of Kevin Hart's most recent standup comedy tour is "What Now?", a question that Hart says he gets quite often these days.

In other words, now that he's reached international fame as a comic and starred in a handful of movies, what comes next?

For now, the answer seems to be a pretty simple one: keep making people laugh. On Sunday night at the Bryce Jordan Center, Hart did just that in front of a packed, sold out arena.

While many fans came out hoping to hear Hart's famous "alright, alright, alright" impression of his father, the comedian went with new material on Sunday. He covered some race-related topics, a staple of his humor. When Hart first took the stage, he said that he loves playing at Penn State because the crowd is very mixed, or as he put it, "white, black, and other."

It was a standup routine packed full of stories and plenty of self-deprecation. Hart focused primarily on his family, recounting times spent with his son and daughter. In one story, he talked about a raccoon that terrorizes his suburban home. Hart sent his son out to get the trash because he was too frightened of the wildlife outside after watching a horror movie.

A common theme in these stories was Hart abandoning his family to save himself. He discussed his fiancee's obsession with asking hypothetical questions. Hart said that she once asked him what he would do if she fell off a boat and was attacked by a shark. Unsurprisingly, Hart said that he couldn't fend a shark off, so he'd leave her limbless body to the mercy of the ocean.

"I love the stories about his kids," says Kelvin Wong, who attended the BJC show. "Those just get more and more hilarious every time. I particularly liked the story about his fiancee hypothetically getting attacked by a shark."

The raccoon story was a theme throughout the routine, mostly because Hart swears that it peeked through the window, knocked, made a gun with its hand, and fired it at him before disappearing into the darkness. Hart said that he doesn't lie anymore, and he'd have no reason to make up a story about a humorously human-like raccoon.

"It was my first time seeing him. He was absolutely hilarious," fan Sam Costa says. "It was cool to hear him recount a lot of his experiences and stories, especially about his kids. The story about the raccoon knocking on his window was great."

Hart was upbeat throughout his set, feeding off of the crowd. At one point, a fan threw a large, red pair of underwear on the stage. A Hershey chocolate bar was attached to the underwear, along with a request for a picture with Hart. He threw the drawers backstage, and later thanked the fan after the show.

"I thought it was very funny. The openers were actually pretty good as well," attendee Tim Rinehart says. "Some of Hart's earlier sets were funnier, but it was really good. He's really aged as a comedian. He lived up my expectations. I just came to have a good time and it did that."

Hart has established himself as an energetic and upbeat comedian, working the stage and supplementing his jokes with some physical comedy.

"I just love his enthusiasm and his energy. It's a great show," Sapphire White says after seeing Hart for the first time. "I've seen most of his movies. It's really nice that he can come to our school and give us a good show. It makes getting through classes easier."


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