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David Paterno Endorses PS4RS Slate for Board of Trustees

by on April 08, 2013 5:56 PM

9:00 p.m. Clarification: David Paterno has endorsed the PS4RS slate of candidates. His statement was not signed by other members of the Paterno family.



Over the weekend, David Paterno released a statement to media throwing his support behind the PS4RS slate of candidates (Ed Brown, Barbara Doran, and William “Bill” Oldsey) for the Penn State Board of Trustees.

The statement also reiterates the notion that Paul Suhey is attempting to use the Paterno name without the family’s discretion. Scott Paterno expressed a similar disdain for Suhey to Onward State about two weeks ago in our analysis of this spring’s alumni trustee election.

This is the first time David Paterno has explicitly supported PS4RS in public, an interesting move with the election to begin in two days.

Here’s the full letter:

Dear Fellow Penn State Alumni,

It is a critical time for Penn State and the Board of Trustees Elections are crucial. An incumbent, Paul Suhey, is actually trying to use our family name to suggest that you can trust him. Penn State does need to restore its credibility and we understand why someone would invoke Joe’s name to that.

For the record, we are not close to Paul Suhey and do not endorse him.

More importantly, it is vital to truly work for a better future for Penn State. The people currently there who did not take their responsibility seriously in 2011 did so because Penn State was not their priority. We cannot solve the problem with the same level of thinking that created the problem. And those who are there for their own benefit will never do the right and necessary things for PSU.

Penn Staters 4 Responsible Stewardship, PS4RS, has formed to encourage better governance for PSU, and they have put the university first. I urge you to follow their lead. Right now it is more important than ever. Please:

1. Vote in this BOT election,

2. Contact every Penn Stater you know to cast their vote too.

PS4RS reccomends: 07 -Edward Brown, 22 – Barbara Doran, and 36 – William Oldsey.

PS4RS is providing leadership, transparency, and true commitment to our alma mater’s future. Thank you for your time and attention on this challenge.


David Paterno

’88 EE, ’91 Esc/EMech

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