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Dottie Sandusky: My Husband is Not a Monster, My Son is Bipolar

by on October 11, 2012 4:55 PM

In a letter to Centre County Court officials written three months before her husband was given a life sentence, Dottie Sandusky blames the media, the legal system and the victims – even her own son – on her husband's conviction. 

Centre County Court released two letters in defense of Jerry Sandusky on Thursday, written by the defendant on Sept. 27 and his wife on July 9. On Tuesday, Sandusky, 68, was sentenced to 30-60 years in prison after being convicted on June 22 on 45 of 48 counts of sexually abusing 10 boys for more than a decade. 

"I have known Jerry for 47 years and he has always been truthful with me, even if it hurt," Dottie wrote. "Like all of us he has his faults, one is he cares so much for people always wanting them to reach their potential." 

During her brief testimony in June, Dottie said she never saw her husband abusing a child, and in the letter said she would have stopped him had it been something she saw. 

"I never saw him doing anything inappropriate to any child, if I had, as a mother and a grandmother I would have taken action," she wrote. "Jerry is not the monster everyone is making him out to be."

Mirroring her testimony, in her letter, written less than three weeks after her husband was convicted of his sex crimes, Dottie blamed the victims who came forward with their stories of abuse as accusers with a hidden agenda and a conspiracy against a man who said he never did anything but care for them and think of ways he could help them.

The Sandusky's adopted son Matt, who in June came forward with allegations of his own of having been abused by his father, was called bipolar by his mother. She said "people need to know what kind of person he is." Matt did not testify in June but was originally on the defense team's witness list. 

"We have forgiven him many times for all he has done to our family thinking that he was changing his life, but he would always go back to his stealing and lies. He has been diagnose(d) with bipolar (disorder) but he refuses to take his medicine." 

She blames the police and the media of perpetuating lies they knew were untrue. 

"I used to believe in our protective system, but now have no faith in the police or legal system," she wrote. 

Sandusky wrote a letter less than two weeks before his conviction, before a statement would be released to Penn State's ComRadio and before he would take the stand to address the court for the first time. 

In his letter, Sandusky blames his conviction on his "trust in people," and writes that so many people he once cared for turned against him. 

He writes about how his conviction was "orchestrated" by the victims – whom he calls 'accusers' –  the media and the police. 

"My trust in people, systems and fairness has diminished," he wrote.

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