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Erickson: Presidency to Focus on Re-establishing 'Strong Positive Momentum'

on January 11, 2012 9:17 AM

Thirty-two months should be an "appropriate" amount of time for Penn State President Rodney Erickson to help the university regain its footing, he and the Board of Trustees have decided.

That's what Erickson indicated in an e-mail message Tuesday to

Answering several questions about his just-announced contract, Erickson addressed the duration of the agreement, due to expire in June 2014; his post-presidency plans; and a few other elements. (Erickson's Penn State presidency, which began in November, should span about 32 months if it indeed ends in June 2014.)

Here's an overview of the e-mail exchange:

  • Question: Do you expect to serve as president beyond 2014?
  • President Erickson: "No. June 30, 2014, is the end of my contract."
  • Q: Do you have particular plans beyond 2014?
  • PE: "Retirement."
  • Q: How did you and the Board of Trustees decide on June 2014 as the contract's end date?
  • PE: "The board and I decided that this was an appropriate period of time for me to lead the university through our current challenges, re-establish a strong positive momentum, and lay the groundwork for attracting a strong pool of candidates in what will be a national search for the next president of Penn State."
  • Q: Can you address why you won't be moving into Schreyer House, the university's presidential residence?
  • PE: "My wife and I have lived on a farm on the edge of State College for more than 25 years, and that's where we will continue to make our home. Schreyer House is a very beautiful house that I would like to open for many more university functions while I am president."
  • Q: Are you able to disclose the dollar amounts associated with the possible "performance increases" that are identified in an official university article? (It indicates you'll have an opportunity to obtain those increases in addition to the base salary.)
  • PE: "No dollar amounts are specified. I will be eligible for a salary increase along with all other employees of the university."

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