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Five Ways to Get Warm in Sub-Zero Weather

by on January 29, 2014 7:30 AM

Let's face it; winter is taking a greater toll than usual this year with the prolonged, brutally cold and downright unpleasant weather.

If you simply can't take the cold any longer, there are ways to warm up in sub-zero temperatures right here in State College.

Take a look.

Hot Stone Massage

A Step Beyond Massage Therapy offers two hot stone massages that will make you forget it's negative 2 outside.

A regular hot stone massage uses smooth basalt stones placed on the back. While some hot stones warm the lower back, the masseuse takes other warming stones, gliding them on the upper shoulders while the heat soaks into the back. Then, stones are placed on the upper back, while the masseuse glides other stones over the lower back.

"It's very warming, very soothing, very gentle and relaxing," says owner Moriah Gause.

The regular hot stone massage is typically 30 minutes, but can be extended to one hour. It can also be combined with other services, such as a Swedish massage.

The second option is a hot stone deep tissue massage where the heated stones are used to carve in between the muscle layers.

"You actually get all of the benefits of the deep tissue massage with way less discomfort," says Gause. "It melts muscle tension like butter."

Hot Packs

For added warmth, hot packs can be added to any service at A Step Beyond Massage Therapy. A hot pack can be placed over the whole shoulder area or lower back, so while the masseuse is working on other areas, "the heat pack really relaxes the muscles," says Gause.

A Step Beyond Massage Therapy is located at 329 block of East Calder Way. The spa is moving to 431 E Beaver Ave. on Jan. 30.

Steam Shower

The ESSpa Kozmetika at the Carnegie Inn & Spa at 100 Cricklewood Drive offers instant warmth with their steam showers.

Steam showers are an option before or after a receiving a service, such as a massage, facial or body wrap with no additional cost.

"There is a steam machine that opens up your pours and helps get impurities out," says Brooke Crout. "It's a very relaxing experience."

Hot Honey Massage

Another unique, warming experience offered by ESSpa Kozmetika is a honey massage where heated, raw honey is massaged into the back and absorbed into the skin.

The spa also offers hot stone massages.


Create internal heat by the flowing sequence of yoga. Theresa Shay, director of TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania at 1315 S. Allen St., says yoga movements and breathing creates internal warmth and overtime can train your body to feel comfortable at a broader range of temperatures.

"What we're aiming to do is get the energy flowing and when energy is flowing create the heat in the body," says Shay. "You start to feel the heat in the body because the inner temperate, the core temperature is warm what you have to do is circulate that heat to the skin to feel like you are warm."

Yoga is different than high-impact aerobics with flowing sequences that focus on moving the body while breathing in rhythmical ways.

"Like burner on stove, you turn the knob and you get an electric connection. You make an inner connection to the energy then you start to feel it on the outside as the body gets warmer," Shay says.

Yoga practices also teach your body to watch the fluctuation of hot and cold without needing to respond to it.

"The mind has a very tricky habit of bouncing back and forth, if it's good or bad, hot or cold," Shay says. "Usually you're programmed to feel discomfort, hot or cold, and want to as the mind expands you witness the experience of cold, but do not react to it as quickly. It trains your body to have a wider range of comfort."

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