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Frigid Temps, Snow & Wind to Settle in State College

by on January 05, 2015 10:54 AM

Accuweather Senior Meteorologist Tom Kines says that it’s the end of the line for anyone who’s been brave or foolish enough to make it this far without breaking out their winter coat.

Even though temperatures will stay above zero, it won't always feel like it. Only days after seeing in temperatures in the 40's, some unusually cold temperatures -- combined with some persistent winds -- will make for days that may feel as cold as between negative five and negative 15 degrees.

“I hope everyone enjoyed the warm weather on Sunday, because it’s going to be a while before we see that again,” Kines says.

High temperatures will hover in the mid 20’s on Monday and Tuesday before ultimately dropping off into the teens for the rest of the week. Winds between 15 and 30 miles an hour will blow intermittently through the week, making everything feel colder than the recorded temperatures.

Kines expects the daytime highs on Wednesday and Thursday to be around 15 degrees, which will continue through the weekend. Temperatures at night will be even lower, dropping into the single digits this week.

“We also have snow coming in later on Monday night, after midnight, and that will continue on into Tuesday morning,” Kines says. “There’ll probably be between one to three inches on the ground.”

Kines says this will be a dry, fluffy snow that will be easy to shovel and plow, but advises that Tuesday’s morning commute might be a little longer for area residents. The snow won’t immediately melt because of the cold temperatures, but Kines expects the precipitation to die down by Tuesday afternoon.

These frigid temperatures come almost exactly a year after a period of record-breaking cold in early 2014. Kines says this pattern is more a coincidence than anything else, but advises that heavy coats, socks, gloves and hats remain a necessity.

“Whether it’s eight degrees or 16 degrees outside, when the wind is blowing it’s going to feel pretty cold,” Kines says. “You’ve got to take precautions.”

Some more snow may move into the area between Thursday night and Friday morning, but Kines expects that snowfall to be less than an inch – if it comes through at all. He says temperatures may start to rise toward the low 30’s early next week, but another cold front is waiting to come through. 

“Even if temperatures get back up to where they should be for this time of year, around the mid 30’s, I’d be a little bit wary,” Kines says. “There should be another cold blast coming in a few days later.”


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