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How to Select the Perfect Set of Golf Clubs

by on June 17, 2012 7:02 AM

Choosing the perfect golf clubs is not an easy task.

If new irons are on your horizon and you’re unsure — from totally to somewhat — of what to buy, then this is for you. Following are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Take advertising with a grain of salt. If you think that buying a certain brand because the manufacturer promotes the heck out of it, therefore it must be the best, you’re off to a not-so-good beginning.

2. Find someone who knows about golf clubs, and is not brand-biased. They’ll be able to explain the technology that goes into the clubs, the benefits of that technology, and whether that technology is right for you.

3. This will lead you to the type of clubs you need: super game improvement, game improvement or game enhancement. Game improvement clubs are designed to help get the ball in the air, and hit it straight. They’re also exceptionally forgiving; mishits often produce decent results. Game enhancement clubs are less forgiving, but allow a player to more easily hit fades and draws.

4. If you’re a high handicapper, you probably want game improvement; a middle handicapper could choose either; a low handicapper would favor game enhancement, perhaps to the point of purchasing a true blade.

5. Get fit. It doesn’t take long, and it’s worth it. Through this process you’ll discover the right club length, shaft, flex, lie angle, loft and grip – all of which can contribute to improving your game. For example, too large a grip can induce you to hit the ball to the right; the proper shaft can help you increase your clubhead speed, which will produce more distance; if you chronically hook the ball, a flatter lie angle may help you straighten out.

6. Spend some time on the driving range. You’ll get to know your new irons more quickly, which translates to better shot making, and, ultimately, more fun.

Happy Father’s Day!

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