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'Juwan All The Way:' 5 Things We Learned from BTN's Replay of Penn State's Final Drive Against Iowa

by on May 08, 2020 2:20 PM

The Big Ten Network — because what else is there to do — pulled together Trace McSorley, Mike Gesicki, Grant Haley, Brandon Bell, Saeed Blacknall and Chris Godwin to go over Penn State's final drive against Iowa in 2017. As an aside, Godwin wasn't at Penn State in 2017 which might indicate more of these videos are set to follow.

In any case you can watch the full 15 minute video here, but for those who enjoy spoilers, or in the very least don't have the time to watch the entire segment, here are five things you/I/we may have learned from it.

1. Juwan all the way on the last play:

If you watch Penn State's final play there is an argument to be made that McSorley's pass was intended for DaeSean Hamilton as much as it was headed toward Juwan Johnson. According to McSorley, [who may have been asked this at the time] he was looking at Johnson all the way. Hamilton was just about his only other option so McSorley was looking in that part of the field regardless.

This might have already been a matter of public record, but memory fades.

2. Gattis route call:

The actual delegation of power and sequence of events here is a little fuzzy since McSorley mentions this somewhat casually, but the former Penn State quarterback says then receivers coach Josh Gattis called for the routes on Penn State's final play to hit Iowa's defense with a double move. Offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead probably called the actual play, but Gattis appears to get some concept credit as well.

Penn State will hope is smart call avoid him at Michigan.

3. Everyone still shakes their head at Saquon:

Speaking from my own personal experiences, no amount of being around Saquon Barkley results in being any less impressed with his skills. The same apparently can be said for his former teammates who did a lot of head shaking at Barkley's various plays throughout the replay. It would have been neat to have Barkley on this panel, but he is a noted busy person, so good work by the Big Ten Network for getting this bunch in the first place.

4. Gesicki gassed:

Probably the funniest thread throughout this entire video is Mike Gesicki talking about how tired he was, and then being able to see it on the field as he stumbles around. Stuff like that is really what makes this format so much fun to watch because a lot of the football things unfold right in front of you. Nobody will be able to tell you that Gesicki was tired except Gesicki, who apparently was very tired.

5. Respect:

The final storyline during this video is the amount of respect Penn State appears to have for Iowa. McSorley calls it the toughest game he played, and everyone remarked on how loud and close the crowd is. "They're always good for an upset." one of the players remarks. Everyone enjoys some bad blood from time to time, but it's nice to see a quality team having respect for another solid squad. Hugs and high fives for everyone.

Ben Jones covers Penn State football and basketball for He's on Twitter as @Ben_Jones88.
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