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Kids Use Central PA Arts Fest Sidewalk Sale to Share Creations

by on July 08, 2018 5:00 AM

Last year, Ele Jordan and her friend Avery Fuller set up a stand at the Children and Youth Sidewalk Sale during the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts and sold dream bottles filled with glitter, which looked oh-so-pretty when you shook them and made a wish. 

This year, they plan to set up shop again and sell a new creation — decorative pots planted with succulents. 

The girls spend a lot of time and effort getting their beautiful creations ready for the Wednesday, July 11, event that is part of Children and Youth Day at the festival. And, a wonderful part of it is that the two 11-year-old children donate the money they make to charity.

“It is fun,” said Ele, about why she participates in the day. Making the artwork with her friend and spending the day at the stand at the festival is something she really enjoys. It's a good way for her to see new artists and she is glad to make a positive impact by giving here profits to those in need.

Ele donated her money to Centre County PAWS and received a certificate from the local nonprofit. Her mom, Lisa Jordan, said she is proud to see her daughter look to make a difference.

This year, Ele and Avery are planning to donate their profits again to PAWS and to a support Ele's mother's co-worker, who is participating in a cancer walk. Ele said she wants to help people who need it, and also is glad to help dogs and cats at PAWS who might need some toys to play with. Having been the chairman of the Children and Youth Sidewalk Sale for 19 years, Sharon Frazier knows how great of an experience it can be for children.

“For these kids, they learn that the thing they make has a value to it,” said Frazier. “Kids are so creative, and it is so great for them to see that what they create has value. People buy it and want to put it in their homes. How wonderful is that?”

Frazier said that the day is fun-filled and busy with people who are looking to see that special creativity that children have. “The streets are filled with kids and family, parents and grandparents. It is such unique thing. Not many art festivals have anything like it." 

She also said it is neat to see kids walk around and check out other young artists to see what they have made. Pottery, dream catchers, cards and even Adirondack chairs are some of the artworks the kids, ages 8 to 18, have created.

“It is such a fun way to kick off the festival,” said Frazier.

Vincent Corso is writer for Town&Gown and the Centre County Gazette.
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