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Letter: Drivers, Watch Your Wallets

on August 22, 2017 4:00 AM

The Coalition of State College Neighborhood Associations seems intent upon pushing anti-driver policies. A press release spoke about wanting red-light cameras, municipal police radar, etc. This was followed by talk of implementing revenue-producing measures. Thanks for your honesty!

In many areas where red-light cameras have been used, or strict speed enforcement was done, crashes increased. Pennsylvania has an epidemic of poor engineering and predatory enforcement. We should set 85th percentile speed limits, make yellow lights longer, and use stop signs only where needed. Current policies likely cause the problems. Both devices you want have also made various errors.

This adds to the current push for speed cameras in work zones statewide, and a Philadelphia-limited bill. These are bills SB 172 and HB 1187. There is no crisis, and better engineering could fix any problems.

A Minnesota study showed no benefit to speed cameras in work zones, while a UK study showed deaths increasing. The Maryland Drivers Alliance has an entire section on speed camera errors. An Ohio judge even called the cameras "three-card monte."

Simply setting 85th percentile speed limits, doing night work, posting the zipper-merge technique, keeping two lanes open, removing conflicting signs, and not putting stop signs on acceleration ramps would alleviate many problems.

Then we have stop-arm cameras, but 2015 was shown to have zero deaths due to illegal school bus passing.

The goal with all this is to ticket safe drivers for profit.

Contact your state representative, state senator, and the governor to oppose these policies.

James Sikorski Jr.
Pennsylvania Advocate for the National Motorists Association

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