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Letter: Elect Bernie Cantorna DA

on May 10, 2017 4:00 AM

I am writing to implore Centre County residents to elect Bernie Cantorna to the office of District Attorney. Survivors of domestic and sexual violence are in great need of a prosecutor who will work to provide them with their right to justice. Bernie Cantorna will be that prosecutor.

The crimes of domestic and sexual violence account for the vast majority of violent crime in our communities. There is virtually no resident of our county who has not been touched by the effects of these crimes. Therefore, seeking justice for survivors is one of the most important services that the DA can provide to all of us.

My experience over 25 years of work as an advocate for survivors has provided me with an understanding that; perceived justice for the state can result in injustice for survivors.  When the District Attorney’s agenda is not in keeping with the agenda of the survivor, justice is impossible. This is precisely the model of prosecution that survivors have faced during Stacy Parks Miller’s tenure.

Bernie Cantorna will provide much needed increased safety to survivors, by working to understand what justice and safety mean to each individual survivor. He will engage with the survivor’s perspective, leading to successful prosecution that avoids re-traumatization and informs defining justice.

Bernie Cantorna will achieve accountability for perpetrators by resisting the pitfall of the offender’s excuse for their behavior.  He will call for truly effective accountability, and increase the likelihood of reducing recidivism, by seeking consequences that directly address the abusive, violent behavior.

I believe that Bernie Cantorna will act as worthy of the trust of the people by achieving justice through engaging in work to understand the complexity of the situations he encounters.  He will work with survivors to achieve justice that results in increased safety and effective accountability. The result will be a stronger and safer Centre County.

Please support domestic and sexual violence survivors in Centre County by voting for Bernie Cantorna for District Attorney.

Jean Riddle Collins
College Township

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