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Letter: 'Election Integrity' Panel Proposed by Pa. House Republicans Is a Threat to Democracy

on October 08, 2020 6:15 PM

Pennsylvania House Resolution 1032 is the most undemocratic scheme I have ever seen considered in my lifetime. 

What is being proposed will interfere with a free and fair election and is beyond my comprehension. Instead of making the election process easier, and extending the counting of write-in ballots by three days; instead of increasing the number of drop boxes; instead of providing more funding to facilitate a free and fair election, H.R. 1032 is proposing that the administering of the elections be taken away from the Department of State. 

It also attacks the integrity of the county election administrators. This resolution is proposed by a Republican-controlled-body, with just one goal in mind. Fearing that they will lose a fair election, they are therefore planning to alter the rules to avoid that eventuality. There is absolutely no evidence that our present system is fraudulent, and that includes mail-in ballots.

In proposing this course of action they will be putting themselves on the wrong side of history. They will be creating chaos that will in its own right undermine our democracy. Our democracy is greater than either political party.

Voters in Pennsylvania, demand that Rep. Garth Everett, and his co-sponsors, rescind this dangerous and unprecedented resolution. 

David Werner
State College

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