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Letter: State Republican Leaders Continue 'Interfering with Our Votes'

on October 30, 2020 4:45 AM

State Sen. Jake Corman and state Rep. Kerry Benninghoff wrote in a Centre Daily Times op-ed on Oct. 19 that they would have no role in selecting Pennsylvania’s presidential electors. Translation: how could we imagine they would steal our election for Trump?

Here’s how.

Their op-ed discusses the process for approving electors, based on which candidate gains the most votes. It says nothing about whether they would interfere with that vote total.

Anyone who keeps up with the news knows they have been interfering with the voting process for months. They are still suing over the deadline for mailed ballots to be received, saying three days for the mail is too long—in a pandemic, when their party has been subverting U.S. Postal Service operations. But they don’t object to military ballots’ deadline of a full week after election day (per the Pennsylvania Department of State calendar). Could it be because they anticipate the majority of those votes going to Trump?

Who is paying for all these lawsuits? You are. They target county and state governments, and thus, taxpayers.

But the main reason is, they’ve been interfering with our votes for a decade. How does a blue county like Centre have a Republican state senator and three of four Republican representatives? Gerrymandering. Pennsylvania was the model for Project Red Map, using the last census’ data to redistrict legislatures in Democratic majority states to gain Republican control.

If they will work so hard to disenfranchise voters in elections, why would they care about your opinion after the election? Please vote accordingly.

Diane Gregg

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