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Letter to the Editor: Thank You 2012 Penn State Football Team

by on November 27, 2012 12:09 PM

Dear 2012 Penn State Football Team,

It is difficult to express what you have meant to us this past year. It’s been a year of tragedy and sorrow, a year of chaos and anxiety, and a year of unknowns. Yet through it all, you have kept your heads held high and showed the world you truly are men of honor. When you had every reason to leave, you stayed and persevered. When you had every reason to think of only yourself, you put others first and demonstrated the true essence of ’team effort.’ When you had every reason to give up on this season, you dug down deep and gave it all you had. You left it all on the field, heart and soul, every game.

We all knew there would be no Bowl invitation this year, no Bowl game to win, and no National Championship Title on the line. But you believed in us and we believed in you. You trusted us to stand by you and from day one, we gave you our unending support. But what you gave in return will never be forgotten. You gave us hope in the midst of despair. You gave us a team to cheer for, a team to believe in, and above all, a team we are most proud of. Your courage, allegiance, and dedication have given new meaning to our cheer ‘WE ARE!’ WE ARE still PENN STATE, but we are now a more unified, unwavering Penn State family that we know will forever stand the test of time.

Yes, we love our Sugar Bowl and Fiesta Bowl teams for their valiant victories on the field, but we love this team even more for the heroic victories you won for all of us in your hearts. Just taking the field each Saturday was a victory for you and a victory for us. You conquered the critics, silenced the naysayers, and overcame the recruiters from the other teams. You proved to the football world that no degree of punishment will ever keep you down. You displayed excellence in the face of adversity. And you did it all for Honor, Respect, and Tradition. We could never be more proud of you.

To Coach O’Brien and staff, you believed in Penn State perhaps long before we believed in you. We are grateful for that insight. You brought stability in the midst of turmoil. You fearlessly guided these young men through unchartered waters and came forth as champions. Thank you for your leadership and for instilling confidence in this team. We hope you will be the Nittany Lion that leads this Pride for many years to come.

To our seniors, what can we say? You have inspired us like no other. Your loyalty, leadership, and solidarity have molded you into true champions. Thank you for taking a stand and for shepherding the underclassmen through this crucial time in our history. You have undoubtedly equipped them to be the future leaders of this team. You will be deeply missed but will have a special place in our hearts for all time. You are extraordinary young men and we know JoePa would be so proud of you for the way you handled yourselves on and off the field this season. God bless you and all your endeavors.

To our returning players, you are the foundation of this new football era at Penn State. Your resolve this past year has been truly remarkable and admired by all. Although there are challenges ahead, we know your valor, discipline, and determination will triumph. You are tried and true Lions and we will faithfully support you in the weeks, months, and years ahead. You have redeemed and renewed our Penn State spirit. Thank you for staying and believing in each other. We hope one day you realize just how special you are to us and to this school. We are looking forward to seeing you next year proudly wearing blue and white.

You all are heroes and it has been an honor to stand by you and support you this season. We are forever grateful for your commitment to Penn State and for exemplifying ‘Success with Honor.’

For The Glory,

Your Penn State Family

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