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Letter: 'Trump Being Trump' Must Be Rejected

on November 03, 2018 4:00 AM

The climate of hate that Donald Trump has cultivated in our country has resulted in two recent horrific events. His hate speech has consequences. Pipe bombs were mailed to his critics who include a previous president, vice president, politicians and journalists all of whom Trump has vilified. And now Jews have been killed in Pittsburgh while attending services. Make no mistake, the marked increase in hate crimes against Jews [an increase of 68 percent in 2017] is a direct result of Trump encouraging a once fringe minority to feel emboldened. 

While it is clear that Trump won’t take responsibility for his own hate speech, it is becoming more concerning that many politicians still refuse to rebuke Trump for his hate speech. Many say it is just Trump being Trump as he insults John McCain, Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio. It is just Trump being Trump as he encourages people at his rallies to chant hate. It is just Trump being Trump as he uses hate for his political advantage. 

If politicians refuse to repudiate Trump for his hate speech, they are complicit in the recent deaths in Pittsburgh. For those who vote for politicians who refuse to repudiate Trump’s hate speech, they too are complicit in the deaths in Pittsburgh. Before it is too late to save the soul of this country, all patriotic Americans have to say that hate speech will not be tolerated and those who use it will be shunned. 

David Werner

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