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New Bar, 'Cell Block,' Opens in Crowbar's Place

by on September 05, 2006 8:22 AM
State College's beloved smaller music venue that closed its doors earlier this weekend re-opened on Friday with a new face, new name, and under new ownership. 

It was difficult to see the former Crowbar space, located at 420 E. College Avenue, as a new bar, causing some disappointment among the bar's faithful patrons. 

Upon entering, there are many reminders of the former place, though the vibe is very different.  The minimalist, almost cold metallic feel of the Crowbar has been spruced up.  Where a live band used to grace the stage on almost a nightly basis, people were dancing as it served on Friday as an extension of the dance floor. 

Cell Block saw a lot of business for their grand opening as the bar as packed from wall to wall. 

Many students will be pleased with the new bar if it brings in a similar flow and diversity of acts. 

Also familiar is the old set up of the Crowbar.  There are still tables and chairs on the lowest level of the bar, allowing friends to hang out in a less crowded atmosphere.  Upstairs has been mainly converted into a dance floor.  The new bar seemed much more like a dance club than its predecessor, and the new crowd appeared to appreciate it. 
Cell Block representatives were not available for phone calls this weekend. 
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