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New Breakfast Restaurant Promises a Waffle Experience Like No Other

by on January 10, 2015 6:00 AM

Consider the waffle.

It’s a simple dish – perhaps deceptively so – and a beloved breakfast staple. State College is no stranger to the morning delight, but a new twist on the old favorite is coming to town.

Centre County native Jessica Hosband has been hard at work for weeks, transforming a vacant spot on Pugh Street into a brand new breakfast destination.

Sadie’s restaurant opens Saturday morning after months of preparation (and years of planning) at 188 South Pugh Street. The shop is tucked into a cozy corner beneath an awning, just off Calder Way, promising all kinds of goodies: coffee, baked goods, wraps and the shop’s specialty, waffles.

“Our ‘specialty waffle’ refers to the fact our waffles are pretty unique,” says Hosband, Sadie's manager. “We have two very heavy, cast iron waffle irons from Belgium, and the way that we make our waffles is different than most places.”

Whereas most places will use a “run of the mill batter” to make their waffles, Sadie’s uses a special recipe that calls for dough. Created by the restaurant’s namesake (one Sadie DuPont, a friend of the owner’s), this dough recipe is more in keeping with traditional Belgian recipes.

Hosband says you can order your waffle plain, or you can spice things up with syrups, fresh fruits, chocolate chips, whipped cream and other toppings.

“Honestly, I really think our product is amazing,” Hosband says. “The waffle just by itself is already really good.”

She says the shop’s location lends itself to their grab-and-go business model. Located only minutes from campus on a major street, Hosband thinks Sadie’s will be a big hit with students on their way to class, or anyone in need of a quick bite downtown.

Since they’re open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. everyday, Hosband realizes that some people may crave something other than their waffles. Thankfully, Sadie’s has a full menu that offers everything from wraps to strombolis.

Hosband says she’s not nervous at all about getting the shop going. She’s confident that once people try the food and word gets out, Sadie's will quickly start building a loyal customer base – and that’s what Hosband is looking forward to the most. 

“I’m a huge people person,” she says. “I can’t wait to have this place up and running so we can start getting regulars and I can start getting to know them.”


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