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New iPhone Draws Big Crowds in State College

by on September 20, 2013 12:58 PM

There was a feeding frenzy as one of the hottest cell phones around went on sale Friday.

Apple began selling its new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, United Kingdom -- and yes in Happy Valley.

Scores of people were lined up outside the Verizon Wireless store on North Atherton Street when the doors opened this morning.

Craig McCann, district manager for Verizon Wireless says, "We had some people waiting for a very long time... they've been here since the middle of the night.

"The last time we had something like this was the original iPhone launch. It's nice to see that. We're obviously very excited about the product."

Among those waiting for several hours was Penn State student Trevor Quinlin. Quinlin says the new iPhone is worth the wait, "It's a lot quicker, and my iPhone is broken."

Ari Shalit was just outside the front door after waiting for almost three hours. He admits to being anxious to get a new iPhone. "I've had the same phone for two-and-half-years, its got a lot of damages to it so it's about time to get a new phone," he says.

Buyers say they were drawn by the iPhone's newest features, including faster speeds and a hi-tech security system that requires the user's  fingerprint to operate the phone.

Prices range from $99 to $399. The new iPhone comes in a rainbow of colors -- depending on the model -- you can get gold, silver, gray blue, green, pink, yellow and white.

McCann won't divulge how many iPhones they have in stock at the Verizon Wireless store but he estimates they'll all be gone by mid-afternoon.

Scott Silverman is a Penn State junior. He showed off his old phone -- that looked like somebody had hit it with a hammer. After waiting for hours Silverman says he's determined not to leave empty handed. "They're like, oh we don't have it in gold anymore, we have it in black. I was like, honestly, I'll take it in pink for all I care. If I'm putting all this time in -- I'm waiting and I'm getting it today."

Steve Bauer was the Managing Editor of Steve and his wife Trina are longtime area residents. They reside in State College along with a wacky Golden Retriever named Izzy.
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