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Our Lady of Victory Students Make Valentines for Seniors

by on February 09, 2013 4:05 PM

Valentines are a common way to show love and support for someone, especially for those at a physical distance.

Students at Our Lady of Victory Elementary School decorate cards each February and send them to hundreds of patients in Centre County receiving care through Centre HomeCare.

Kurt Knauff, who is in his second year as a community liaison for Centre HomeCare, said the Valentines benefit both the patients and the elementary students.

Calling it a win-win situation, Knauff said it makes the students feel really good to be able to do this. He also said it brings awareness to the students about the elderly.

“It helps the students understand that there are sick people,” he said. Students get a way to express themselves creatively and make something pretty, another perk Knauff said that comes from making the Valentines.

Students in all grades at Our Lady of Victory Elementary School receive cards with sayings and pictures printed on them. Students can then color in the pictures and write additional things on the card as well as sign their name.

Knauff said Centre HomeCare can have as many as 300 patients at one time from all over Centre County. The Valentines allow the whole school, which consists of about 300 students he said, to participate.

“Patients hang them up,” Knauff said. Many patients, he said, don’t get the chance to interact with children anymore. They don’t get to see a child’s handwriting, he said, so it’s nice when the kids write little notes inside.

Going beyond just involving students and the Centre HomeCare patients, the nurses, Knauff said, are also happy to be involved and gladly distribute the Valentines.

Centre HomeCare is partnered with Centre County United Way of America and aims to improve the quality of living by providing educational opportunities, financial stability and physical and emotional support for its citizens.

Brittany is the staff writer for The Centre County Gazette.
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