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Paterno Statue's Future Not the Only Joe Decision to be Made

by on July 17, 2012 6:00 AM

With the announcement Monday night that the longtime camp site known as Paternoville would be renamed, it officially beings the long process of handling Joe Paterno's likeness across Penn State's campus.

While Paternoville student leaders labored over the decision to dissociate from the former coach, many other university fixtures pay homage or are directly named after Paterno. Moving forward Penn State will need to determine the role the image of Joe Paterno will play in the future of the university.

1. The Statue

Without a doubt, the bronze statue of Joe Paterno outside of Beaver Stadium is one of the most obvious signs of his legacy on campus. The removal or relocation of the statue would set a precedent as to how the university handles Paterno's image as a result of his role in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal. Moving the statue to the All Sports Museum is an option supported by many Penn State fans.

The Board of Trustees had this to say on Sunday: "Contrary to various reports, neither the Board of Trustees nor University Administration has taken a vote or made a decision regarding the Joe Paterno statue at Beaver Stadium."

2. The Paterno Library

The Paterno Library is home to the Business, Education and Behavioral Sciences, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, and Special Collections libraries and a mark of Paterno's impact on the educational side of Penn State. While no take has officially taken place in regards to any possible renaming of the building, it seems likely at this point that this part of Paterno's on campus legacy will stay in tact.

3. The Paterno Fellows Program

Associated with the Schreyer Honors College, the Paterno Fellows program is an academic program designed for highly motivated and highly successful students. The Paterno Fellows pride themselves in striving to live in "The Paterno Way," reaching for success in the classroom and in life. There has been no public indication as to the future of this program.

4. Peachy Paterno

One of the most purchased ice cream flavors on campus, Peachy Paterno has become a must-have for any alum visiting town. The flavor has come under fire for still being on the shelves, but it doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon.

“Peachy Paterno ice cream is still being manufactured and sold in the Creamery salesroom," Berkey Creamery Manager Thomas Palchak said Monday. "We reiterate this ice cream was named in honor of Joe Paterno’s academic contributions to Penn State University and does not have any connection to the football program in particular or athletics in general.

"The flavor was developed in 1989 and awarded to Mr. Paterno in 1990. Revenue generated from the sale of Creamery ice cream is allocated toward graduate assistantships and undergraduate internships in the Food Science Department.”

5. Joegies

A sub and hoagie restaurant in the student life building, Joegies is decorated to the ceiling with football and Paterno memorabilia. While selling sandwiches under the name of a former coach is the least of Penn State's worries, Joegies represents only one of several issues that could arise across downtown State College if Paterno memorabilia becomes undesirable. 

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