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Penn State Athletics: Eight Programs Land In Top 10 Of Attendance Numbers

by on June 11, 2019 3:55 PM

Penn State’s fandom doesn't just extend to football, according to an NCAA attendance figures for 17 sports during 2018-19, eight Penn State teams ranked in the top 10 in average home attendance, the most of any Division I institution nationally.

Three Nittany Lion teams ranked No. 2 nationally in average home attendance according to a study done by Penn State.

The 17 sports included in the survey by Penn State Athletics were: baseball, field hockey, football, softball, wrestling and the following men’s and women’s sports: basketball, gymnastics, hockey, lacrosse, soccer and volleyball.

Ohio State came in second nationally with six teams in the top 10 in average home attendance, followed by Michigan and Nebraska with five. Six schools had four teams in the top 10 in average home attendance: LSU, Maryland, Minnesota, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

“These numbers are just another example of what we already know; that the Penn State fanbase is the nation’s best,” said Chris Grosse, Assistant AD for Marketing in a press release. “The level of loyal support that our student-athletes receive is unmatched and makes Happy Valley a challenging place for the opposition. The pride and passion of Penn Staters continues to set us apart in intercollegiate athletics and we greatly appreciate the tremendous impact our students, alumni and fans have for our student-athletes and at our events.” 

Penn State Teams in Top 10 in Average Home Attendance in 2018-19

Sport                                      Avg. Attendance       National Rank           Big Ten Rank

Field Hockey                           559                                        2                             1

Football                                 105,485                                   2                             2         

Men’s Gymnastics                    405                                        6                             4

Men’s Hockey                          5,801                                      7                             4

Women’s Soccer                      1,598                                       6                            1

Men’s Volleyball                       610                                         10                           1*

Women’s Volleyball                  3,346                                       7                            4

Wrestling                                7,715                                       2                             2


*Men’s Volleyball is a member of the EIVA

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