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Penn State Basketball CBI First Round: Penn State/Hampton Live Blog

by on March 19, 2014 6:52 PM

You're looking live from the Bryce Jordan Center where Penn State and Hampton will hit the court shortly for the first round of the College Basketball Invitational tournament. The winner of tonight's game will face Siena next Monday on the road.

Attendance is light but a decent number of Penn State students have made the trip across campus for the game tonight. Hampton is wearing Duke blue and shirts that read "Stay Thirsty." Interesting but not important, all of Hampton's starters are wearing different looking shoes.

The game is set to begin shortly.

Penn State goes with Jordan Dickerson, Brandon Taylor, John Johnson, DJ Newbill, and Tim Frazier to start the game. Would expect to see Chambers go deep into the bench tonight assuming things pan out like they should.

Updates will come as needed, but at least at every media or team timeout.


Hampton wins the tip but fails to score. Tim Frazier and DJ Newbill with back-to-back threes to make it 6-0. Brandon Taylor backs down his man and lays in a basket to make it 8-0. Penn State is 3/4 from the floor.


Coming out of a Hampton timeout. No score for Hampton, John Johnson called for a travel. Thorpe, Jack, and Travis check in. Hampton headed to the line following an And-1 dunk. Basket no good. 8-2 with 16:57 to play.


Hampton forces a back-court violation. Woodward checks in. No basket for Hampton. Ross Travis heads to the line after getting fouled under the basket. Travis makes both


Hampton can't grab a rebound and Penn State picks up another one on the glass. It's 10-2 as the Nittany Lions are shooting 60-percent from the floor. Rebounds are 8-0 in favor of Penn State.


Hampton with back-to-back threes after a Ross Travis turnover. Travis turns it over again and Penn State goes with a four-man line change with Newbill, Johnson, Dickerson and Taylor are now it. 10-8 Penn State. Newbill heads to the line after drawing a foul on his fist offensive possession in the game.


Penn State gets in roughly five passes in transition to find a wide open three by Brandon Taylor. Taylor hits another and it's 18-8 after a 6-0 Hampton run.


Hampton adds another three but Jordan Dickerson is fouled while dunking to make it 20-11. A timeout follows and Dickerson makes his shot. 21-11. Hampton is 4-12 from the floor so far.


Hampton is 5-of-5 from three and it's the only thing keeping them in the game as Penn State leads 21-20. Brandon Taylor heads to the line for the 1-and-1 and hits both. 23-20. Brian Darden has 15 of Hampton's 17 points. Taylor leads Penn State with 10.


Woodward, Thorpe, Dickerson, Newbill, Travis currently in for Penn State.


Timeout on the floor with Hampton headed to the line. First shot almost airballs, second free throw is good.


Fraizer, Johnson and Newbill back in the game. Frazier draws the foul and is headed to the line. 23-21. Hampton finally misses a three and is no longer perfect the field. Frazier hits one of two. 24-21. Hampton has still only scored one basket from inside the arc.


Brandon Taylor lands on his elbow but seems fine after taking some time to regroup himself. DJ Newbill with a nice drive and layup. Newbill is fouled on the next possession and is headed to the line with Penn State up 26-21. Newbill makes one of two.


Dickerson draws a foul on a nice turn and drive after pick up a rebound. He makes one of two and checks out. 28-21 in favor of Penn State.


John Johnson with a nice scoop layup under the basket it make it 30-21. Alan Wisniewski in the game for Penn State.


Penn State up 30-25 and Pat Chambers calls a timeout. Nittany Lions only lead by 5 largely due to an ever changing lineup. Chambers coaching the game this way as well using certain situations as teaching moments with players.

Halftime: Penn State 33 Hampton 25

Penn State leads by 8 headed into the break. Hampton in the game thanks to five makes from deep and Penn State changing lineups frequently with looks fans haven't seen all year. Nittany Lions 9-24 from the field.

Brandon Taylor leads the way with 10 points. Penn State leading the rebounding battle 25-8. 10 different players have seen the floor for Penn State with seven seeing the floor for 10 or more minutes.

Second Half:


Johnson, Dickerson, Newbill, Frazier, and Taylor set to start the half for Penn State. Hampton ball. Penn State forces a turnover and Newbill draws a foul on the other end. 35-25 after two made free throws.


Hampton draws a foul after a John Johnson turnover. Thorpe checks in to replace Johnson. Both free throws are good. 35-27.


Geno Thorpe with a nice drive and basket. Newbill picks up his third foul and Johnson checks back in. 37-27.


Johnson gets some verbal exercises in with a Hampton player and the result is double technicals. Jack checks in for Penn State as Dickerson picks up a foul. 37-29.


Timeout on the floor after Frazier picks up his first foul of the game after what looked like a clean block. Two Ross Travis free throws made the game 39-29 in favor of Penn State. Both teams with 6 fouls in the second half.


Jack heads to the line after being foul. Misses both. One long, one short. 39-33. Ross Travis with a nice drive to the hoop makes it 41-35. Jack blocks two separate players on the next defensive possession to excite the crowd.


Game tied at 41 and Penn State calls a timeout. Hampton on a 12-2 run currently as Penn State's starting five checks back in. Newbill scores to counter a Hampton dunk and Frazier will head to the line out of the timeout. 43-43. Frazier makes one to give Penn State a 44-43 lead.


After falling behind by a basket Penn State hasn't given up a point and now holds a 47-43 lead. Newbill and Frazier with nice moves over the stretch.


Geno Thorpe gets a basket in traffic to extend Penn State's lead and makes a diving save after a Brandon Taylor bock. Frazier collects the ball from Thorpe and makes a bounce pass to Newbill for the dunk. What was once a 2-point hole has turned into a 55-45 lead after two free throws by Thorpe.


Hampton cuts it down to 5 thanks to a three-point play but Frazier is headed to the line after the timeout for two free throws after just coming short of making a spectacular reverse layup. 55-50. Fraizer hits both to make it 57-50.


Brandon Taylor makes a nice basket from 15 feet to counter a Hampton three. Two free throws answer though and Penn State leads by 4. Newbill draws a foul and makes both free throws to push the lead back out to six with 2:34 to play.


Hampton heads to the line and only one free throw finds the bottom of the basket. Ross Travis dives on a loose ball and Chambers calls timeout. 61-56


An odd possession leads to a blocked shot at the buzzer and Hampton will head to the line after a foul on Thorpe. One made free throw makes it 61-57 in favor of Penn State. DJ Newbill pulls up from just inside the paint and it's 63-57.


Hampton headed to the line. Both makes are good as Penn State leads 63-59 with a timeout on the floor.


Newbill heads to the line to shoot two free throws. Misses the first. Makes the second. 64-59.


Timeout on the floor.


Hampton makes a basket to cut the lead to three but Geno Thorpe will head to the line after getting fouled while shooting. Makes both and Penn State leads by 5 with 22.4 to play.


Hampton basket cuts it to three again and there is a timeout on the floor.


Woodward heads to the line for free throws. Misses the first. Makes the second. 67-63


Hampton basket cuts it to two points. Penn State ball coming out of the timeout.


Geno Thorpe is headed to the line after the foul to make it a 3 or 4 point game. He makes both and Penn State wins it 69-65.

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