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Penn State Basketball: Frazier Back On Campus As CVC Get Underway

by on June 02, 2017 2:00 PM

Former Penn State point guard Tim Frazier joked on Thursday evening that his bags had yet to catch up to him and in turn, his outfit wasn't the best and didn't quite fit right. So he had a simple request, his black, slightly ripped jeans out of the frame.

Duly noted.

Wordrobe issues aside Frazier was just one of many former Penn State players to make their way to the Penn State golf course for a multi-day long Coaches Versus Cancer event sponsored by the Penn State basketball program. Hundreds of local businesses and charities coming together to raise money for cancer research.

"Just how big the program is and what it's done for the community and what we are trying to accomplish with Coaches versus Cancer," Frazier said. "It's not necessarily for us or the basketball program. It's for everybody to embrace for a nice cause and give back."

For the program, it's also a meaningful weekend on the side of companionship and bringing alumni closer together. From Brandon Taylor to the Crispin brothers, there were plenty of of familiar faces walking around the clubhouse on Thursday night in anticipation of Friday morning's round of golf.

Of course, there was plenty of basketball talk as well.

"They got some talent,"Frazier, the now New Orleans Pelicans point guard said of Penn State's roster. "I wish I was here now just to play with those guys. Those guys are playing hard and coach has them diving all over the place every game. If they get a couple wins here and there I think the season turns around. ... They're headed in the right direction."

For Frazier this is his first time back in State College since the Nittany Lions added their infusion of freshman talent last season. While Frazier finds himself on the road more often than not, he has kept tabs, when asked about point guard Tony Carr's potential, Frazier just raises his eyebrows.

About all you need to know.

When the golfing is done Frazier will spend some time with the team, he's the best living example of what the program has to offer players and has plenty of stories, habits and experiences to share. He didn't take a particularly easy route, but playing alongside an MVP Candidate and First Team All-NBA selection in Anthony Davis is hardly an undesirable destination.

“He is such a poster child for our program right now to show our young guys, our team, to believe and stay the course " Coach Patrick Chambers said of Frazier and his program. "It’s going to happen. Keep climbing, keep climbing. That’s what Tim did.”

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