More tangibly Penn State and Duke will likely both be without the services of a few players. For the Nittany Lions it's most noticeably sophomore guard Josh Reaves nursing an injury that has kept him out of the early part of the season. Chambers has his return at "50-50" and while Reaves' return won't make or break the results this weekend, the talented guard brings a certain amount of refined composure to an otherwise youthful squad, not to mention an eye for the rebound.

“That's where you miss Josh, because Josh is in there and he's going to rebound for us. He's long, he's athletic, and he's going to go up and get big boy rebounds, where our younger guys still think they can just go get rebounds when they want to,” said Chambers. “In high school you could do that because most of the time… you're bigger and stronger than the opponent you're playing in high school. So they realize now after three games that they can't just jump with opponents or other teams or other players. They have to go box out, tag and do the little things to secure rebounds.”

Beyond Reaves, Chambers is tentatively hopeful for the return of Isaiah Washington and Davis Zemgulis dealing with hamstring and concession issues, respectively. Washington was described as "tender" while Zemgulis passed concussion protocol testing earlier this week.

If anything is working in Penn State's favor though it's the youth of both teams. Sure the Blue Devils are the favorite, but as Chambers pointed out, most of his players have at some point in their careers played against a handful of now current Duke players.

And if the Penn State football and hockey seasons so far are to be the Nittany Lions' guide, it has been an upset friendly year already.

So why not one more?