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Penn State Football: Bradley 'Certainly Would Want' Permanent Job, Not Dwelling on It

by on November 22, 2011 1:44 PM

Penn State's interim head football coach, Tom Bradley, "certainly would want the permanent job here," he said Tuesday.

But "I only worry about the things I can control," he soon added.

Speaking at a weekly press conference, Bradley said he doesn't really have time to contemplate his longer-term future at Penn State. (Video from the press conference is available on this page.)

"If I end up not getting the job, I can look back and say I gave everything I had" for the players, Bradley went on.

In any case, in the long run, he would much rather have the respect of the players, knowing that he has done everything within reach to help them reach their goals, Bradley said.

He joined the Penn State football coaching staff on a full-time basis in 1980. University leaders elevated him to interim head coach Nov. 9 after the firing of Joe Paterno.

Paterno, having served 46 seasons as head coach, was let go in the wake of child-sexual-abuse charges against Jerry Sandusky, a former defensive coordinator.

Bradley on Tuesday faced multiple questions related to that situation. He said he has not had any recent communication with Paterno.

And he has received no indication that Penn State may be denied any kind of bowl eligibility as a result of the criminal-charges matter, Bradley said.

Among his other remarks Tuesday:

  • Bradley thinks the team's win Saturday over Ohio State "gave them a little more confidence," he said. "They knew it was a tough road with Nebraska and Ohio State and Wisconsin, but they're excited to play for a shot at the (conference) championship."
  • "Devon Still spends a lot of time off the field working on things," Bradley said. "That's something that people don't see about him."
  • Bradley said he will be spending time with quarterback Matt McGloin -- "to get to know him better." He also will be spending time with all the offensive players, he said. "I had players in my office over the past week or so to get to know them better."
  • Known for his humor, Bradley said that "I've been having some fun. I think the team is having more fun than I am, though. It has been positive. It's a lot better when you win than when you lose."
  • Freshmen and at-risk players are required to take part in a study hall this week, even though the university is on break for Thanksgiving, Bradley said.
  • Penn State rented out a movie theater for some team bonding Wednesday. The players will see "The Immortals," Bradley said. NCAA rules allow for Penn State players to have limited free popcorn and Coke.
  • Bradley said there may be a few new wrinkles in the Wildcat formation this week. But he isn't worried that Wisconsin may have seen his hand, what with so many plays having been executed against Ohio State, he said.
  • Bradley gave his mobile-phone numbers to players so that if anything arises, they can call him, he said. That has opened up lines of communications and transparency, he added. "We're in this together."

Penn State is now 9-2 and will face Wisconsin at 3:30 p.m. Saturday for the Big Ten Leaders' Division title and a chance to take on Michigan State in the Big Ten championship game. The Wisconsin game, an away match-up, will be carried on ESPN.

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