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Penn State Football: Complete Bill O'Brien Transcript Following Loss to Ohio State

by on October 28, 2012 12:49 AM

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Q: Your guys did a lot uncharacteristic things tonight? Any explanations for that?

A: It starts with me. I didn't do a very good job tonight as the head football coach. I need to do a much better job for this football team. So, we made mistakes, but we win as a team and we lose as a team. It starts with me and I'm going to go dive into that tape tomorrow and figure out things that I can do better to help this team to do better. Hopefully our staff will do the same thing and our kids will do the same thing. We did some uncharacteristic things tonight and I think that I need to do a better job.

Q: Is there any one thing that bothers you that you did?

A: I think offensively we could have done some better things. I could have adjusted better. I could have had a better game plan. We had some line of scrimmage penalties that hurt us, jumping off sides and things like that where we were moving the ball but stalled the drive. I'm going to do a much better job for this football team going forward.

Q: You have had some previous success against quarterbacks, for example Northwestern and Illinois. Did you see something out there that maybe you didn't do as well tonight against Miller?

A: I think he's an excellent player. He's one of the top five players in the country. We stopped him at times and at other times we didn't. We have to go back and watch the tape and see again what we can do better to stop a player like that.

Q: Bill Belton wasn't as effective this week as he was previously. What is his status?

A: I thought he played a lot in the second half. I thought he did some things. I have to watch the tape but his status is the same. He's in a rotation with the other running backs in the backfield. He's going to keep working hard. He's a great kid. Like we are all going to try to do, we are going to try to improve between now and Purdue.

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Q: What was the problem tonight with the running game?

A: We have to give a lot of credit to Ohio State. They did a good job and Luke Fickell and Mike Vrabel did a great job of getting their guys ready to go. Again, we have to go and watch the tape and find ways to improve. No question about it.

Q: Your offensive line didn't push some people around today. Did that enter into the game plan at all?

A: That is a very fair question. I have to sit down and watch the tape really close and figure out things that I can do better to help that offensive line with different schemes and things like that. These guys are in there now and they're hurting and they are going to really work hard to improve between now and Purdue.

Q: What was going through your mind not going for the field goal early when it was scoreless and the fake punt? It seems like your defense was playing well.

A: Yeah I felt not going for it early, again I felt good about the play call we had. I felt that point in time that point in time I wanted to get something going. I liked the plays we had called, we had it, we just didn't execute it well. We have to coach it better.

Q: Did you get an explanation on the defensive holding call on the punt?

A: No.

Q: How would access Matt McGloin's performance?

A: I think he is a tough guy and he's competitive and I love coaching the kid. He's done a really good job this year of taking care of the football. The guy made a great play and Matt will learn from that mistake. Matt is going to come back and really try to work hard and improve no question about it.

Q: As an offensive guy is it tough to settle into a defensive game on a field where you guys needed some more offensive life?

A: We were playing a field possession game, especially in the first half. Alex Butterworth had some really nice punts. He was pinning them. Sometimes we kept them down there sometimes they drove on us and it did feel like it was a defensive game. I was trying to get something going for our players on offense. I need to do a better job.

Q: The tight ends have been so important to your offense this year. Early on it wasn't much a factor. Is it something that they were doing?

A: I think it is a little something of both. I think Ohio State did a good job on the tight ends. I think the tight ends had some catches tonight. I wouldn't say that they were totally shut down. But, I will give Ohio State a lot of credit. They came in here and played really well.

Q: There was a little bit of emotion when you guys got down to Ohio earlier in the year. There was a lot of emotion in this game. Did your players get a little too fired up?

A: I just think that Ohio State beat us today. We are going to go watch the tape and figured out what they did, what we didn't do and what we can do to help our players play better in the next game against Purdue.

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