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Penn State Football: Even With Limited Details, Breneman's Future Clearly A Concern

by on September 01, 2015 4:00 PM

While in most instances the release of a depth chart is rarely followed by significant news, that was not the case Tuesday morning as Penn State tight end Adam Breneman was notably absent from the rotation.

At first glance it was simply a temporary situation. Breneman is a year removed from playing football and he himself has noted that getting up to speed takes time.

In addition, his belief this summer that he felt "good at football again" made his eventual return to the field in a significant role all but official. If Breneman wasn't on the Week 1 depth chart it simply meant he needed more time and Penn State's tight end depth provided him that luxury.

Asked about Breneman's status on Tuesday afternoon, head coach James Franklin was not forthcoming, but no less ominous with his response.

"As we all know, he had some (healthy) issues in high school. He's had some (health) issues since he's been at Penn State," Franklin said. "But we're supporting Adam every step of the way, supporting him academically where he's killing it --and he's got some challenges that he needs to overcome on the football field."

"And as you guys know, you usually don't get into these types of things. I think it's Adam's business. I think it's Adam's family's business, and we're just here to support him and every way we possibly can. So I hope we leave it at that."

For a man talented at articulating exactly what he means, Franklin said very little while alluding to something perhaps far less positive. If Breneman was simply rusty that wouldn't have been so cryptically described. It would be an understandable obstacle after a year away from the game. If the issue is his health, perhaps lingering issues from previous ailments, that would likely go undisclosed.

Pressed harder about Breneman's status, specifically if he would see the field this season, Franklin was far from positive.

"Adam, again, you know, I don't know. I can't speak on that. I'm not going to get into a whole lot of details about it anyway, but I can't speak on that. As we all know, everybody kind of handles situations differently. Everybody's body reacts differently. So I'm not sure."

Having dealt with at least two significant injuries in the past three seasons and one looming issue at hand now, there is little doubt that every bump and bruise is a concern for Breneman's future not only at Penn State but in football all together.

With 15 receptions, three touchdowns and 186 yards to his name, Breneman's career has already been a hopeful waiting game for everyone involved. Franklin and Penn State's forceful demands to avoid contact with all player's families makes information gathering a risk/reward situation.

But even with murky semantics and limited details being released, the concern for the future of Adam Breneman's football career be it at Penn State or beyond seems crystal clear.

Ben Jones covers Penn State football and basketball for He's on Twitter as @Ben_Jones88.
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