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Penn State Football: Franklin Talks Two Minute Offense And Rules

by on September 02, 2014 3:50 PM

James Franklin extended his press conference on Tuesday after taking questions from the media with a little public service announcement.

The topic, how Penn State will handle the two-minute offense.

"Talking about understanding two‑minute and handling two‑minute situations and things like that, we will never use the timeout for first downs because when you get a first down during two minutes, the clock will pause, and the clock will pause not till just the ball is set, but the clock will pause until the chains are set," Franklin said.

"So you have plenty of time in our system to get a play called without losing any time off the clock.  So that's how we will do things from here on out."

"The other thing is, the way the rules are written and the way our philosophy is, we're going to try to catch the ball and when we catch the ball outside the numbers, we are going to get as much yardage as we possibly can and get out of bounds. The difficult thing that happens sometimes is you have to decide, is the player going to get out of bounds, and the clock will stop and stay stopped; or, will they mark on the field forward progress and forward progress will stop."

What Franklin is backhandedly referring to is the play prior to Sam Ficken's game-winning field goal where Geno Lewis appeared to have dragged the defender out of bounds, stopping the clock. Penn State didn't get the call and the referees marked Lewis down in the field of play and kept the clock rolling. Earlier in that same drive the clock began to run before the chains were set. Both plays resulted in positive yardage, but additionally the loss of precious seconds.

"In two‑minute situations, they will typically give the receiver the benefit of the doubt and if he's trying to get out of bounds, they will allow the clock to be stopped."

"So what I will typically do, I will run down the sideline and I will stand there and if the official goes like this like this, that means the clock is stopped and that the receiver had gotten out of bounds.  If not and they wind the clock, I'm going to be right there to call the time out."

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"The other thing is we will typically save a time‑out for a couple reasons.  We're going to typically try to center the ball and then be able to call a time‑out, and then on top of that, we will save a time‑out that we may go into the locker room with or that we may go into the end of the game with at half‑time; or, because if you're going to kick a field goal on any other down but fourth down, we are going to save a time‑out because if they happen to block the field goal and we recover it, we have a chance to call time out and now still be able to kick a field goal with maybe one second to go in the game."

It might seem like a battle long passed, but Franklin wants the record to show that he A: Doesn't quite agree with how the game ended, and B: That he has a plan and knows what he is doing.

Most importantly for Penn State though, the record also shows 1-0.

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