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Penn State Football: Galt Set On Getting Evaluations Down To A 'T'

by on March 05, 2014 2:00 PM

Penn State football has been through many transitions over the past few years. There have been three head coaches -five if you count interim- over a short span of time.

For players, that has meant learning something new almost every year. But for the strength and conditioning program the transition between Craig Fitzgerald and Dwight Galt has been an all but seamless one. The two coaches approach the job in similar ways and are longtime friends out of the weight room as well.

So as the Nittany Lions hit their winter workouts, players are finding that things have been fairly similar to what they had done under Fitzgerald. Galt does bring with him a few new wrinkles to the program though, including a unique way to evaluate players.

"We analyze them a lot of different ways,' Galt said earlier this week inside the Lasch Building weight room. "We do it by position, we do it by team, we do it by event. We do a lot of different things.

"One thing that we do that's really cool is something called a T-Score. It's taken us a long time to implement it and I've never really seen anybody else do it so I don't want to tell any secrets. But basically it assigns values to every testing that we do. And we assign values from 1 to 100. A 75 or above is a score that you're looking for, 90 to 100 is a big time NFL draft pick. So you get graded on that. There are 10 events that go into that score and then you average them.

"So if you can average 75, you're doing pretty good. At Vanderbilt for example my first year we had six guys who scored a 75. Our second year we had 18 guys. So to me it showed a marked improvement in preparation as the kids got older and better. Here, with the talent we have year, I have very high expectations of what that T-Score will be. To put your movement in, to get that strength and power, I think it gives you a real accurate measure of exactly what kind of guys you have in the program."

The Nittany Lions will finish up testing today with squats after a few days of testing in other areas but the results will simply set a baseline for the rest of the workout period. Galt won't know the team's final T-Score total until much later, but given the returning talent on the roster it's safe to assume that Penn State fans will see their Nittany Lions scoring some high marks.

“You’re never really satisfied, but I feel good about where we are right now." Galt said.

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