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Penn State Football: James Franklin Press Conference Live Updates

by on September 09, 2014 12:40 PM

We're live from inside Beaver Stadium for this week's new conference with James Franklin. Lots of out of town media have made the trip today to get reaction from Franklin the day after the news that the NCAA will allow Penn State to be bowl eligible this season.


  • Franklin starts off with a review of the Akron game. Says that Penn State lost the turnover battle again this week.
  • Penn State won the explosive play battle with 11 big plays and the offense aims for 8 each week. The defense gave up zero explosive plays with a goal of 3 or less a game. Franklin says that his staff defines an explosive play as a 15 yard or more run and a 25 or more yard pass.
  • Franklin sticks with his statement yesterday regarding the NCAA sanctions and says he wants to talk "Rutgers, Rutgers, Rutgers and maybe a little Rutgers."
  • Franklin praises Rutgers' QB Gary Nova for his play so far this year. Says that he has been a very effective passer for his team.
  • Franklin says that he and the team found out about the sanction reductions via social media. Says that he was a little disappointed that it unfolded that way.
  • During a team meeting on Monday, Franklin says that he called up all 49 players that stayed with the program and the team gave them a standing ovation.
  • Franklin continues to stress that the team is not bowl eligible but has been given the opportunity to become bowl eligible.
  • "There isn't any doubt that those 49 that stayed will be remembered forever. They didn't take a shortcut."
  • Franklin says he wants to see the running backs to stick to plays closely. "Run to their landmark. Keep doing their job. The great thing is that they're coachable."
  • "Our approach this game is just the same as it was for UCF as it was for Akron. Our approach will not change."
  • Franklin says that he has lots of respect for Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood and doesn't really bite at the chance to fire back to Flood's previous comments referring to Penn State as the "team in Pennsylvania" by saying that "I think we are a team in Pennsylvania" 
  • Franklin says that he didn't know that the sanction would be reduced when he took the job. Says that he knew the Mitchell reports had been favorable but that the carrot was never dangled in front of him.
  • Franklin says that he texted Bill O'Brien last night to thank him for all his work that he did while he was at Penn State.

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