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Penn State Football: James Franklin Radio Show Recap

by on August 27, 2015 7:00 PM

James Franklin's 2015-16 edition of his weekly radio show fired up the engines on Thursday night as he took questions from the audience and offered up his thoughts on the upcoming season.

In many cases the questions were much of what fans have heard before. To explain the offensive line's progress or to talk about who should Penn State's rival be. 

While nothing major may have come out of this week's show, when Franklin speaks the people listen, and so, here are a few notables to take home.

Talking about telling a freshman he's going to redshirt.

"It's challenging because all of them were great and dominant high school players that have never sat out a season in their life. So to think they're not going to play in a game for a year is hard. I try and start those conversations during the recruiting process and when they get on campus. It's all about their approach, if they approach being on the practice squad the right way it can be a great experience. Some guys can kind of anticipate it. Some guys don't."

Why this offseason has been so productive.

"First of all, myself and my staff we know Penn State better. We understand our players better, we understand which end of the field is 9ft higher than the other (Lasch Practice field is uneven.) We have more depth, I don't think there is any doubt we have more depth at every position. Last year we were in a position of being one-deep, now at some positions we're three-deep.

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Franklin would go on to explain how he showed the team a video about the first Dream Team practices and that he wants to build something like that where it was 10 future Hall of Fame players battling it out in practice.

Finding a rival.

"I get it. We talk about Rutgers wanting to be our rival. When I took the job Maryland was in conversations about starting a rivalry and had a trophy and everything all ready and I said I wasn't really interested in it. I believe that rivalries are something that are organic. So if we play these games for 75 years and something happens we can talk about it 75 years from now."

Temple travel versus Ireland travel.

"Much better. That Ireland trip, looking back at it now I have very fond memories of it. I do not want to do it ever again. Since 9/11, travel is so much more difficult, so to try and get a 300 person party to travel is interesting. 

"I'm excited about it, in a lot of ways the Temple series makes a lot of sense. It's a real easy trip, it gets people in their building and they're a rising program and it keeps dollars in state. It's going to be a good challenge."

Recruiting younger and younger players.

Franklin's long answer ended with a interesting thought. "If they don't get any better (than when they were young and you offered a scholarship), are you still happy with them?"

The offensive line getting better.

"Everybody knows that's one of our challenges. it's not something that we're going to be able to fix overnight. Typically you really shouldn't see the field until you're redshirt sophomore year unless you're really elite, the exception to the rule. Really, the farther away from the ball you are the earlier you can play."

"I think Paris (Palmer) is really starting to come along strong now. He's legitimately 6-foot-8 and he's 300 pounds, but he's a guy that could probably carry 340 and still look good. What I love is that we have four other guys that have a bunch of game experience and now and instead of him thinking and being cautious, he can take the thinking out of it and work with the guys next to him."

Ben Jones covers Penn State football and basketball for He's on Twitter as @Ben_Jones88.
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