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Penn State Football: Matt McGloin to Be Featured in Yahoo! Sports Video Series

by on March 29, 2013 12:00 PM

Former Nittany Lion Matt McGloin has earned his place among some of the great Penn State football players in history both on and off the field. As the Scranton native looks for a shot at the NFL, he hopes that one team will give him the chance he may have never thought was possible. From a walk-on to a recording breaking quarterback, McGloin's story has been as much about proving people wrong as it has been beating the next opponent. 

Penn State fans aren't the only ones who have noticed and fallen in love with the story of Matt McGloin, Yahoo! Sports recently announced that McGloin would join five other NFL hopefuls in a short video series called "Dream Chasers". We talked to Yahoo! Sports writer and reporter Rand Getlin  and director, Lukas Korver about the series and what makes McGloin so special. 

McGloin's episode will be published online on Thursday, April 18th. What is the basic premise of this series?

Yahoo! : The basic premise of the series is to give fans an inside look into the lives of six young men as they pursue what has often been a life-long dream of ‘making it’ to the NFL.  Hopefully, viewers will gain a greater understanding into what life-experiences motivate the players they root for, or in some cases, root against.

These are seemingly normal young men, but when you dig a little deeper you see what makes them so extraordinary. By sharing their hopes and fears, triumphs and tragedies, memories from the past and visions of the future, they provide us with a window into a world we rarely get to see ... the world of an NFL Dream Chaser. Viewers also get glimpse into just how much work these guys put into perfecting their craft. You just don’t make it this far in the sport without having an incredible work ethic.

There are a lot of NFL prospects out there, how did you decide to tell Matt's story?

This series focuses on players who have overcome huge obstacles on or off the field, so Matt’s journey from walk-on to record-setter made him a perfect choice. The owner of the gym Matt was training at in West Hollywood, CA -- Travelle Gaines at Athletic Gaines -- knew Matt’s story well and suggested we consider him for the series. After digging into his story ourselves, it became a no-brainer. 

There are some huge prospects and flashy personalities that were made available to us at the gym, and to be honest, despite all the success Matt had at Penn State, he could have been overlooked because he was surrounded by guys like Oregon’s Dion Jordan and Kenjon Barner or Oklahoma’s Kenny Stills and Tony Jefferson, but his story is unique in the series as it’s the only ‘underdog’ story we chose to follow. That said, after spending some time with him and watching him train, I’m not sure we’d agree that he’s an ‘underdog.’ At every level competition, Matt was over-looked but he’s always found a way to outwork and outperform whoever was ahead of him on the depth chart when given the chance to do so.

To follow up, did anything about the fact McGloin was a walk-on peak your interest from a storytelling perspective?

Absolutely. Think we dug into that a little bit above, but the work ethic that Matt had to have to overcome the obstacles naysayers threw in his way during his college career is still very much a defining characteristic for him. Watching him work himself to exhaustion every day was inspiring and if we were betting men, the smart money would be on Matt figuring out a way to overcome yet again. 

How long are the episodes?

They range from 4 to 7 min. We didn’t restrict ourselves to length as some guys have some very complicated back stories that required some time to hash out.

What do you think the message is that you want people to take away after Matt's episode?

Matt is perseverance exemplified.  The guy could’ve given up many, many times throughout his Penn State career. But he didn’t, he kept working and believing in his abilities until he reached his goals. His story is just remarkable.

And if there is any singular takeaway regarding Matt McGloin, it would be this: anytime a man is as hungry and dedicated to his craft as Matt is, is willing to work as hard as Matt does, and believes in himself as much as Matt does -- despite being surrounded by critics who try to destroy that belief -- you’d be a fool to root against him. Guys like Matt are often the men who change the world.

Ben Jones covers Penn State football and basketball for He's on Twitter as @Ben_Jones88.
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