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Penn State Football: Nittany Lion Fans All Across The Mideast According To New York Times Study

by on October 03, 2014 9:50 AM

Penn State's grasp on the western half of the state might just be stronger than fans expected according to a New York Times study.

The Times released a map of the entire country on a county-by-county on Friday to help determine where the stronghold of any given college football fan base lies.

According to the Times:

"Like the other sets of maps, these were created using estimates of team support based on each team’s share of Facebook “likes” in a ZIP code. We then applied an algorithm to deal with statistical noise and fill in gaps where data was missing. Facebook “likes” are an imperfect measure, but as we’ve noted before, Facebook likes show broadly similar patterns to polls."

The results: Penn State fans dominate all but two counties in the state. Greene County, found in the bottom left corner of the state goes to West Virginia and Allegheny County is dominated by fans of the Pitt Panthers. 

As far as the rest of Pennsylvania, it's Nittany Lion country with majority fan strongholds dipping into New Jersey as well. Penn State holds a strong -- but not a majority -- presence in border counties of Ohio, Delaware, New York, Maryland and Virginia, West Virginia.

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And Centre County? Unsurprisingly, the home of Penn State is the most pro Penn State of all with 86.4 percent of the fans here calling themselves Nittany Lions. In Centre County 1.1 percent of fans giving Notre Dame the nod with 1.0 percent going to Ohio State.

It's far from an exact science, but it does go to show that Penn State fans can be found all across the region.

You can read the article and take a look at the full map here. 


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