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Penn State Football: Nobody Has Fun Like Tommy Stevens

by on November 20, 2017 2:20 PM

Tommy Stevens is having fun.

And it's hard to blame him. When he takes the field something fun is about to happen. Maybe he's going to run with it, or throw it, or hand it off, or just be a decoy because nobody really knows what Tommy is up to when he gets out there."

But one thing is for sure, he's hard to tackle. Just as Iowa in 2016, or Nebraska or anyone who has said "Oh he's just a quarterback on the field, no need to worry."

A few missed tackles and a few hits later, and suddenly that doesn't seem true anymore.

"I remember messing with my high school coach back in the day when I was like a sophomore and I was playing receiver and tight end at the time," Stevens said on Saturday. "And I made him switch it on the roster to say athlete."

Athlete is just about right. Aside from Saquon Barkley (because of course) Stevens is the only player on the roster to have thrown, rushed and caught a touchdown pass this season for Penn State. There's a good chance he's one of just a handful of players to do it nationally.

So quarterback? Sure. But really he's a lot more than that. 

"I grew up playing safety my whole life," Stevens added. "Contact isn't something I'm looking to go after, but if I have to I'm just another football player at that point so whatever it takes, I'm just trying to help my team out best I can. If that means lowering the shoulder and fighting for some extra yards or living to see another down, whatever it may be."

As far as his future at Penn State, don't even bother asking. Stevens is happy in the moment, not thinking about the potential of transferring. And until Trace McSorley makes up his mind, there's no reason for Stevens to be mulling it over now anyway. If McSorley returns, Stevens will continue to find ways to make the field, if Trace goes, then it will be Tommy's turn to operate the Joe Moorhead machine.

So really it's not all bad if you're Tommy Stevens. Not that bad at all. And if you think it is, watch him celebrate when his teammates score. Nobody is happier.

"I love football, I got to play football with my best friends today."

No wonder he's having fun.

Ben Jones covers Penn State football and basketball for He's on Twitter as @Ben_Jones88.
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