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Penn State Football: Schwan Ready To Take Next Step

by on July 16, 2016 12:22 PM

Penn State's 6-foot-6, 253 pound senior defensive end doesn't strike you as the kind of guy that would have a mustache tattooed to his finger.

That's until you realize that he does, and shows it to you, lifting his finger to align with his upper lip.

And suddenly Schwan has gone from clean shaven to a man with a curly mustache.

"I like to have fun," Schwan said with a smile. "There's a time and a place to be serious and when that time comes I'm very serious, but you know, during the spring game we're out there to have fun. When I'm around my friends I'm a pretty goofy guy, obviously around you guys I'm a little more reserved, you have got to have fun and as long as you're getting your job done, do you."

The job, replacing Carl Nassib, the nation's premier sack-getter in 2015-16 and a walk-on turned NFL pro. Nothing about Nassib's journey was expected or easy, couple that with his on field success and you find yourself with some pretty big shoes to fill. So for as laid back and funny as Schwan might be, he'll be the first to tell you how hard the task at hand really is.

"It's a big challenge, I have big shoes to fill and I'm just going to do my best to do that," He said. "I'm not making any promises, I'm just going to work my hardest."

"It almost creates more pressure for you because of where he came from and obviously we have different backgrounds but if he can't do it then why can't I? I'm just going to work my hardest, I'm not saying I'm the next Carl Nassib, I'm just going to try my best and try and help my team out."

And chances are Schwan is going to be helping his team out plenty. Roommate and fellow defensive end Garrett Sickels knows exactly the kind of offseason his teammate has had, not to mention the simple fact that nearly everyone on the defensive line admits that Schwan is the fastest, an alleged 4.6, 40-yard dash. Just 21 tackles to his name in 2015-16, if anyone is poised for a breakout year, it certainly looks like Schwan is the man to do it.

"I'm very excited for Evan," Sickels said. "He's very talented we all saw that last year, he's going to make plays and this year he's the fastest defensive lineman, it's going to be exciting, this year is his year to really own it and see what happens.

"He's a goofball, but when it comes to working and competing, this summer, I would say it's the best training session we've had. We really just push each other, but us living together and training together and eating together, it really pushes us."

If nothing else, he has a mustache tattooed to his finger, and that's pretty fantastic.

Ben Jones covers Penn State football and basketball for He's on Twitter as @Ben_Jones88.
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