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Penn State Football: Stevens Set At Quarterback, Not Thinking About Future

by on December 28, 2017 3:00 PM

PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz.-- If I'm guilty of anything it's pestering Tommy Stevens about his future.

And he can see the questions coming, a smile and a nod. The song and dance is always the same, but we're getting good at it. Thankfully he's a good sport about the whole thing, because he isn't stupid. He's exceptionally talented, and for the most part he's part of a unique offensive package that may or may not see him on the field each week. Bluntly he's a very talented backup quarterback whose athleticism gets him on the field at random intervals.

So his future? It's only natural to ask about it. And with one game left in the 2017 season and Stevens soon set to be grad transfer eligible, which would allow him to play immediately somewhere else, we had to have one last dance. 

"To be 100 percent honest, I've taken the same approach each game," Stevens said. "I try to block out everything else that doesn't have an impact on the next game. I've tried to take it one game at a time and do everything I can to prepare for that, and do what I can to succeed and be ready.

"Once all this is over, I'll then focus on whatever it is I want to do, but as of now, I haven't thought about it."

Chances are he has, maybe lying in bed or walking to class. It's impossible to imagine he hasn't rolled his options through his mind, even if he's waiting to see what the world looks like this spring. 

But in the meanwhile Stevens will continue to make plays in the newly created "Lion" position, even if he didn't know it was going to happen.

"I woke up and saw the depth chart," Stevens said with a laugh. "That's how I found out."

It has to be nice to have your own special gig though right?

"It's more of finding something to call it, because no one really knew what to call it before, so it's kind of cool to have a position now and be able to label it something, and be able to do some more things with it," Stevens said. "It's expanding the role, and giving it a name is kind of cool."

"I'm glad that I've had a role to be able to have. It's been different. It's not exactly what I expected when I came to college, but I've grown up my whole life playing other positions, and I've only played quarterback for five years now, so I'm growing as a quarterback and picking up on things I've already done."

Don't get it twisted though, Stevens wants to play quarterback in the NFL and he has two years to figure out how to get there.

"I want to play as a quarterback regardless," he said. "That's my primary position, playing quarterback, and so I want to play quarterback, but like I said before, whatever the team needs and whatever I need to do to succeed, I'm going to do it, whether that's playing receiver, running back, defensive end, whatever it is, I will do my best at it."

And so the dance ended one last time, Stevens winning another round with another smile.

Well played.

Ben Jones covers Penn State football and basketball for He's on Twitter as @Ben_Jones88.
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