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Penn State Football: 'We Still Control Our Own Destiny,' Bradley Says

on November 15, 2011 3:02 PM

"We still control our own destiny."

That's among the guidance Penn State head football Coach Tom Bradley has shared with his players in recent days, he said Tuesday.

"The mood of the players is very upbeat," Bradley said at a weekly press conference. He said the team has handled itself well and continued to practice as scandal has unfolded around them.

(Video of the press conference, shot by William Derrick, is embedded below.)

"I couldn't ask for anything more from a group of young men," Bradley said.

He is proud to be their coach -- and proud of everything they've done since widespread news of child-sex-abuse allegations began emerging this month, Bradley said.

"I let them know the way they kept fighting (in Saturday's Nebraska game) is the way we'll keep doing it," he went on.

Among Bradley's other comments in the 30-minute press conference at Beaver Stadium:

  • He has not seen former coach Joe Paterno since Paterno's removal as head coach last week. But "I do plan to see coach," Bradley said. If he were to call Paterno right now, however, Paterno inevitably would say: "What are you calling me for? You've got things to do" before Saturday's Ohio State game, Bradley said.
  • For players, "the expectations are the expectations. They have not changed," Bradley said. "I made it perfectly clear that if you step out of line, I'm coming down quick and fast and hard."
  • Bradley said he communicates as openly and thorough as he can with the team. He has advised players to be cautious about what they post on social-media channels, he said. But "I'm trying to keep everything as close to normal as I can for them," Bradley added.
  • Bradley confirmed that he called, on Saturday, assistant coach Mike McQueary, who has been placed on administrative leave. "I only called to ask him if he's OK," Bradley said. In the same vein, he went on, he was concerned about quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno on Saturday, too.
  • A recent phone call hosted for players' parents allowed them a chance to ask questions of Bradley, he said. He said the questions were good. And he's now thinking about initiating such a call with some frequency, Bradley said.
  • Asked whether he watched former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky's interview with Bob Costas on Monday night, Bradley said he did not. "I was watching Ohio State last night," Bradley said, "and I've got more important things right now." He declined to talk about his own relationship and history with Sandusky.

Penn State is set to play Ohio State in an away game Saturday. Related coverage is available via the pages linked below.

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