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Penn State Football: What You May Have Learned From HBO 24/7 College Football

by on October 09, 2019 11:05 PM

Penn State's feature episode for the HBO series 24/7 College Football gave fans a look behind the curtain in the lead up to the Nittany Lions' victory over Purdue on Wednesday night.

From the practice fields to James Franklin's living room and beyond, the hour long episode covered plenty of behind the scene action with no shortage of new insight into the program.

Here are a few things fans may have learned over the course of the show.

It's clear why Penn State did this:

From the dramatic prose to the high quality cinematography, it's fairly clear why Penn State and James Franklin agreed to take part in what amounted to an hour long infomercial. There's nothing wrong with that, but if you wanted to showcase State College, Beaver Stadium, Penn State's academic side and everything in between, this is how you do it on someone else's dime. The Jerry Sandusky scandal came up once in the opening 10 minutes and the colorful language is part of the game. If you were concerned about Penn State having a bad image after this, you missed the whole point of the project in the first place.

Sean Spencer likes his motorcycle:

It's not news that Penn State defensive line coach Sean Spencer rides a motorcycle, but until you see him rolling down College Ave with a jet black hemet on and a massive engine roaring along, you haven't really seen it. Spencer has always been a unique character, and this did little to change that perception.


Silent walk-throughs:

Penn State does a silent walk-through of every possible situation on Friday before heading to the team hotel. The catch, they happen in silence, the only people talking are coaches, while players are required to be silent the entire time. The reasoning, so everyone is focused on what the coaches are saying, and nobody misses out on key points.

Playing for each other:

The Nittany Lion defensive line closes out their Friday evening position meeting by taking a dog tag out of a bucket. That dog tag has the name of a fellow lineman, and the two embrace. Spencer says that if you aren't playing for the guy next to you, the rest of it doesn't matter. It's team bonding on a team that is already close as it is, but who doesn't like a good hug?

James Franklin doesn't like going three-and-out: 

Franklin had some choice words on the headset to describe his general unhappiness with punting in the second half against Purdue. You can fill in the blanks with the words he used.

Franklin wants to be a first:

James Franklin noted a desire to be the first black head coach to win the playoffs and a college football championship, but he keeps that goal to himself (or did) as not to bring more pressure on the team and program. 

Franklin's man cave is real:

James Franklin has always talked about watching football in a finished man cave style basement but nobody has seen it until now. Photos on every wall from all of his stops during his career, not to mention a big sofa to lay on with his family. Seeing is believing and turns out he wasn't making it up.


24/7 College Football: Penn State Nittany Lions Upcoming Air Times

Wed., Oct. 9 10 p.m. HBO

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Thurs., Oct. 10 4:20 a.m. HBO

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Fri., Oct. 11 8:45 p.m. HBO2

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