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Q&A with Monteca Confer Beisel: Owner of Confer’s Jewelers Talks Valentine’s Day

by on February 10, 2018 5:00 AM

Monteca Confer Beisel, owner of Confer’s Jewelers in Bellefonte, says her mom tells her “I made my first sale at 3 years old ... she said I pulled over a stool behind the case, stood up on it and told the customer that this necklace was very pretty and they should buy it.”

Confer Beisel says she grew up in the store.

“My grandparents started the business, then my parents, now I’m the third generation.

“I have my Master Graduate Gemology Degree, one of 50 in the world. I love coming to the store every day. I am blessed to work with my husband, Dan, and after school our daughter Mya comes in to ‘work’ too. Our clients become part of our family and we become part of theirs. It’s a beautiful business full of love, joy and lots of sparkle!”

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Town&Gown asked Confer Beisel for some advice on making the day special.

T&G: How does Valentine's Day compare to other holidays? What is typically your busiest time at the store?

Confer Beisel: Christmas is our busiest time of year. We are busiest for Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day (smiles). The men are like, “Oh man I can’t go home without a present today.” They come hurrying in and want to look romantic and thoughtful. We help them do that with special jewelry beautifully wrapped. (In under 15 minutes.)

T&G: What’s popular this year?

Confer Beisel: Every Valentine’s Day we create a unique piece of jewelry that’s exclusive to our store and is inspired by the love our couples have for each other. Last year we created Love Four All Seasons. It represents how life changes but love remains true through all of the different seasons of life. It’s a pendant you can wear four different ways. This year’s design is in the works and will be debuting soon.

T&G: How do you help those last-minute shoppers (like myself over the years!) with lost or panicked looks on their faces?

Confer Beisel: We specialize in panic and lost faces. We offer them a beer, help them choose a gift (we have gifts from $25), wrap it up, and double check they haven’t bought it before ... that happens sometimes ... men love an item so much they buy it twice or even three times.

T&G: Beyond a nice piece of jewelry, what advice do you have for someone looking to make Valentine’s Day special?

Confer Beisel: Plan ahead ... all the restaurants will be booked and you won’t have time to make all the details possible if you wait until the day before.

T&G: What’s the most romantic gesture you've seen in your years in the business?

Confer Beisel: A man paid for his 25th anniversary present for his wife by putting her dream ring on layaway and using his lunch money for two years to pay for it so she would be completely surprised.

T&G: Why is jewelry a better gift for Valentine’s Day than another present?

Confer Beisel: Jewelry has so much meaning because it says, “You’re valuable and precious,” and can be worn for a lifetime. Jewelry also holds a moment in time forever. Whenever I look at the pieces of jewelry my husband has given me I can always remember when and how he gave them to me.

Mark Brackenbury is editorial director of Town&Gown.


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