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Sandusky Trial: The Jurors Who Will Decide his Fate in Child Sex Abuse Case

by on June 06, 2012 1:20 PM

Jerry Sandusky has his jury, which was completed Wednesday afternoon.

In the seated jury of 12, seven are women and five are men. The makeup of the overall jury, which includes four alternates, is 10 women and six men.

Ten of the 16 jurors have some sort of ties to Penn State.

Here is a closer look at the jurors, who are all white:

Juror No. 1 — An employee of Wal-Mart, this middle-aged woman has two children and said she thought she could be fair when hearing evidence and testimony because she doesn’t know much about the case.

Juror No. 2 — A 24-year-old man, he will study automotive technology in the fall at the Pennsylvania College of Technology. His father is an employee at Penn State.

Juror No. 3 — Her husband had worked with Mike McQueary’s father, John, at his medical group, and she is a former football season ticket holder. Sandusky convinced his attorney, Joe Amendola, to keep her under consideration despite the attorney wanting to strike her, saying, “I think she can be fair.”

Juror No. 4 — A State College engineer with no ties to Penn State, he told the judge he hasn’t formed an opinion about the case and has avoided media content about the case.

“I think I reached the saturation level about two-and-a-half months ago,” he said. The man has lived in State College for nine years, and his wife works at Schlow Library.

Juror No. 5 — A physics and chemistry teacher at Bellefonte Area High School, this man graduated from Penn State in 2003 with a Bachelor’s Degree and earned his Master’s Degree in 2008. The man, who also has three children, two boys, teaches a summer program at Penn State. He said he had no opinions about the case and would only decide after hearing the evidence.

Juror No. 6 — This young woman works at The Apartment Store in State College and knows little about the case. “I just hear about it,” she said. “I didn’t hear any details or anything specific.”

Juror No. 7 — A Penn State senior from Penns Valley who works at Penn State’s Multi-Sport Facility, he knows Steve Turchetta, the Clinton County high school coach who hired Sandusky as a volunteer assistant. Turchetta was also the assistant principal when Sandusky was accused by alleged victim No. 1, a student at the school who helped launch the criminal investigation.

The Penn State senior, who showed up to his interview wearing a blue Penn State archery T-shirt, had a cousin play football at Penn State under Joe Paterno for six years, and his mother works for the State College Area School District. He usually does desk work over the summer and laundry for track, baseball and softball during the school year. The student said he had opinions about the case, follows Penn State-related content online, but said he could sit in a jury box and make fair decisions.

“My opinions right now are not set in stone by any means,” he said, adding, “I don’t think there’s any reason to believe anything truer than what I hear in court." Amendola moved to strike the student for cause, but the judge denied the motion.

Juror No. 8 — A retired Penn State soil science professor in the College of Agriculture, this man said he was aware of all the news reports but thinks he can keep an open mind. He taught for 37 years and retired four years ago. He said he doesn’t personally know anyone on the potential witness list.

Juror No. 9 — A school bus driver for 17 years, this woman read about the case in the Centre Daily Times and the Clearfield Progress. She said her job as a bus driver was to protect the kids, and she doesn’t like to see children get hurt. However, she said she thinks she can be a fair juror. “I would have to hear everything from both sides in order to make my decision,” she said.

Juror No. 10 — A Penn State administrative assistant in the College of Engineering, this woman, who looked to be in her 50s, has two girls and four grandchildren. She said knows nobody involved in the case.

Juror No. 11 — A dance teacher in Penn State's continuing education program, this woman, who looked to be in her late 30s, occasionally has conversations about the case with her husband, who is a media specialist at a transportation center at Penn State. She knows Kelly Hastings, a potential witness, through her dance career. She is also the mother of a 6-year-old boy, which led to an interesting exchange between her Amendola.

"As a mother, I would have concerns. I know with my child, there's a lot of sides to a story," she said.

Amendola replied, "You recognize kids don't always tell the truth?"


Juror No. 12 — A full-time Penn State professor for 24 years, this woman, who appeared to be in her 50s or 60s, had a professional relationship with former president Graham Spanier. She served on a committee for six years that met with Spanier and current Penn State President Rodney Erickson. She has two sons, ages 14 and 16, but she told the judge she thinks that will not have an impact on her ability to fairly hear the case.

Alternate Jurors (4)

Alternate Juror No. 1 — She is a 2007 Penn State graduate in the College of Health and Human Development. Sandusky spoke at her graduation.

Alternate Juror No. 2 — A middle-aged woman who appeared to be in her 60s. She has no children and said she has little knowledge of the case and is ready to be impartial.

Alternate Juror No. 3 — This Penn State alum, a man in his 50s, smiled brightly at Sandusky as he entered the courtroom and it appeared as though Sandusky and his counsel strategized how to get the the man selected. He has two sons, who are 29 and 30.

He is a Penn State alum who attends Penn State football games. His wife works for Penn State, in the Upward Bound program. 

Alternate Juror No. 4 — A married female that appeared to be in her 60s, she drew laughter from defense lawyers and prosecutors when she said she doesn't believe half of what appears in her newspaper. She believes a defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

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