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State College Moms Offer Their Vision for a Perfect Mother’s Day

by on May 07, 2013 9:00 AM

Moms come in all styles, shapes and sizes. So it makes sense that Mother’s Day is far from a one size fits all occasion.

On the one hand, Mother's Day is the same for all of us -- it's a chance to recognize Mom's special qualities and to show our appreciation for all her hard work.

But there's a big difference when it comes to the kinds of gifts our Moms want for Mother's Day. When you ask Moms how they want to spend their special day, there's a lot of variety too. Common themes include family, relaxation, and creativity, but when it comes to specifics Moms are all over the map.

For State College resident Jen Pressler, a heavy package with fancy wrapping paper is not required to make her day. “Gift cards,” said Pressler.“I love gift cards.” Whether it is redeemable at a restaurant, movie theatre, clothing store, or somewhere else, Pressler is satisfied if she can treat herself at a later date.

Even with the modern convenience of money on a 4 x 3 piece of plastic, Pressler remembers the days before gift cards were an option for Mother’s Day. “I always enjoyed when my kids made me something,” she said. “It’s very sincere.”

The concept of Mother’s Day from the point of view of a mother is still relatively new to Amanda Slingerland, but the mother of two young children, both under the age of six, knows exactly what she wants come Sunday.

“Just a relaxing morning would be great,” said Slingerland. “A peaceful entrance into a day spent with my family is what I’m really hoping for.”

While her children may not be old enough to purchase gifts yet, Slingerland thinks back to her own childhood and giving gifts to her own mother on the special day in May as a vision for what she ultimately wants when they grow up a bit more.

“Make it personal. It’s always more heartfelt that way. If you are going to simply buy a card, try to at least put something in it to make it your own.”

The second Sunday in May is even newer to Sarah Staub. Staub had her two little boys in tow as she shopped at the supermarket on a Monday afternoon.

One son can't yet see over the shopping cart filled with groceries. The other, an infant, sits in the cart with a smile on his face. Many of life’s later milestones including progressing through school are far away, but Staub knows that time will go fast.

“When they’re old enough to understand the holiday, I would like something funny or a picture of them to always have with me,” said Staub. “Anything that shows a sense of humor would be cool.”

Showing off her boys, Staub added while smiling “I know someday they’re going to have girlfriends, they’re going to be in college, and eventually all grown up, but they better show up to dinner for that one day.”

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