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THON Is A 'Homecoming of Sorts' For Four Diamonds Director Suzanne Graney

by and on February 21, 2015 3:05 PM

For Four Diamonds Director Suzanne Graney, seeing THON grow over the first five years of her tenure has been quite the experience.

From seeing THON raise $9,563,016.09 in her first year as director to seeing it grow to a whopping $13,343,517.33 just last year, her time as Four Dimaonds Director has seen unprecedented growth. To Graney though, THON is definitely the same experience.

“The spirit is the same," said Graney. “The dedication and the joy is here and I look forward to seeing it every year.”

Now being the Director of the Four Diamonds fund, Graney experiences THON differently than most. Dealing mainly with Four Diamonds families throughout the year allows her to put the actions of students into perspective than organizations that might just see their families a few times over the course of a year. In other words, Graney sees what THON can do on a broader scale.

“I think THON is kindness and action. It’s people who don’t just say they’re going to do something. It’s dancing, playing with the Four Diamonds Children to make them smile, and raising awareness.They [students]put action behind their words,” said Graney.

Being able to see THON continue to touch the lives of families going through the trials and tribulations of pediatric cancer can be rewarding, but the organization still must adapt to its growing popularity and the times. According to Graney, seeing organizers continue to looko for ways to make the event more sustainable really helps THON continue to continue to reach a broader audience.

“Things like the digital line system has done a great job making sure that people aren’t lefting out waiting in the cold to get into THON help it be sustainable,” said Graney.

Now in her fifth THON, Graney’s seen it all, but recognizing more people each year makes it feel like she’s coming home.

“I know more of the families, alumni, and current students, so seeing them makes it a homecomig of sorts,” added Graney.

Here’s hoping that Graney can have a homecoming of sorts when we dance in celebration.


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Ted Hozza writes for Onward State. He's also a Penn State student majoring in Community, the Environment, and Development.
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