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To Find the Perfect Mother's Day Card, Get in Touch With Your Creative Side

by on May 10, 2013 10:45 AM

The first Mother's Day card you ever gave Mom was likely a handmade gem, produced by a child's imagination, some construction paper and a couple of crayons. And just as likely, Mom loved it! As we get older, the styles change, but Mother's Day cards are an annual tradition.

Even with the rise of gift certificates and the emergence of new technology, cards have stood the test of time. There are now more options than ever before.

Store Bought Cards

A greeting card is convenient, relatively cheap, and comes with a Mother's Day message -- handy for people who have a hard time expressing themselves. They can be funny or tender, ranging from Spongebob Squarepants and the Cookie Monster to a heartfelt expression of love.

There are no shortage of stores selling large selections of Mother’s Day cards in State College --  CVS locations, Target, Wal-Mart, and Hallmark -- to name a few. Inside Wegmans, State College resident Ben Govenic spent several minutes picking up cards, only to put each one back, attempting to find just the right one.

“Normally I try to go the comical route,” he said. “We both enjoy it, but right now, I’m having a tough time settling on one.”

That's why there's more than one way to go.


While there will not be a physical card at the kitchen table on Sunday morning, E-Cards have grown in popularity and can be a great, choice for long-distance connections. It's a great last minute choice, if sending a card through the mail might not arrive in time. Notable websites, including and, have special sections devoted to Mother’s Day. You can sort through those E-Cards by category, relationship, most popular, highest rated, and more. From pictures of roses to joking messages, there is something for everyone.

Card Kits and Supplies

The corporate-crafted messages on mass produced cards don't cut it for everyone. Some people  – especially artistic ones – like to get creative. One of the best outlets for this is Michaels arts and crafts store (State College location: 44 Colonnade Way). Craft stores offer a full section with supplies devoted to card-making. You can get started for around $3-$5. Construction paper and markers can be purchased for 79 cents and $1 respectively. Just add a little inspiration and you'll be well on your way to producing an original creation that is sure to impress.

Completely from Scratch

Even more original than purchasing special supplies, simply take a piece of paper with pens and markers and go to work. This option is a good fit for young kids. They can have fun and their artistic efforts will help them appreciate Mother’s Day while putting a smile on someone’s face.

No two mothers and their card preferences are the same, but most are in agreement that something original fits the bill.

“The more personal the better,” said State College resident Amanda Slingerland. “Make it your own and get creative.”

There is no shortage of options to do just that.

Click HERE to see our special Mother's Day section.


Drew Balis is a Penn State graduate, freelance reporter and frequent contributor to
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