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TODAY Show Releases Jerry Sandusky Audio from Jail

by on March 25, 2013 8:26 AM

In a jailhouse interview, Jerry Sandusky puts his own spin on court testimony from former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary. McQueary was a key witness in the case against Sandusky. He reported seeing Sandusky in the showers with a young boy.

"I think three's a lot of things that transpired. I think these investigators, the way they went about business. His story changed a lot. I think he said some things and then it escalated on him," Sandusky says in an audio tape released by filmmaker John Ziegler. Ziegler says he recorded a three and a half hour interview with Sandusky over the phone.

Snippets of the interview were broadcast Monday morning on NBC's Today Show.

  Ziegler is a contributor to the website The filmmaker says his focus is fulfilling "Joe Paterno's dying wish" of seeking the truth in the Sandusky scandal –  something he believes the media at large has avoided. The focal point, he said, should be on 'Victim 2' and the conversations between Sandusky and former Penn State athletic director Tim Curley.  Curley now faces five charges of his own in connection with the Sandusky scandal. 

Ziegler said he knows the identity of Victim 2. Ziegler claims he has proof that Victim 2 told investigators that Sandusky's accusers are not to be believed and that Sandusky is the greatest thing that ever happened to him.

The Today show released this statement from Victim 2's lawyers, "Jerry Sandusky is a convicted child predator giving interviews from prison. Our clients, including victim 2, have heard enough from Jerry Sandusky. They are focused on healing and holding Penn State accountable for choosing to protect Jerry Sandusky and themselves instead of protecting children from years of horrific sexual abuse."

In the hours before the interview aired on the TODAY Show, the Paterno family issued a statement of its own. The Paternos say they have no connection to any of Ziegler's activity. In fact, the statement says the Paterno family "believes that any attempt to use this recording as a defense of Joe Paterno is misguided and inappropriate."

"I felt that statement to be sad, heartbreaking. I put a year of my life into this," Ziegler said.

Only about 45 seconds of the more than three hours of audio were played on the TODAY Show Monday morning. In it, Sandusky says he doesn't know how anyone could have walked into the locker room and thought it was "sex sounds" they were hearing.

"I would have thought maybe fooling around, or something like that."

When asked if Joe Paterno would have allowed Sandusky to coach if Paterno had suspected that Sandusky was a pedophile, Sandusky replied, "If he absolutely thought I was (a pedophile) I'd say no. If he had a suspicion, I don't know that answer to that."

Sandusky, 69, is serving a 30-60 year sentence for his sex crimes. He is in amaximum-security prison spends 23 hours a day in solitary confinement. 

Penn State spokesman Dave La Torre released a statement on behalf of the university following the TODAY Show segment, "Jerry Sandusky's statements today continue to open wounds for his victims, and the victims of child sexual abuse everywhere. We have tremendous respect for the men who came forward to tell their stories publicly. Penn State continues to take important steps, including the training of over 11,000 employees and volunteers on how to recognize and report suspected child abuse."

Here's video of the Today Show interview with John Ziegler.

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Laura Nichols is a news reporter and @LC_Nichols on Twitter.
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