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Unconfirmed Sighting of Invasive Lanternfly Reported in Centre County

by on September 07, 2018 4:30 AM

The spotted lanternfly is slowly spreading across Pennsylvania. Native to Asia, the invasive insect species feeds off plants and stunts their growth, creating the potential for billions in damage to fruit, nursery plant and timber industries.

So far it's been confirmed in 13 Pennsylvania counties in southeastern Pennsylvania and Penn State researchers are working closely with the state to stop its spread. Agricultural experts told Centre County Report that there was a reported sighting of the spotted lanternfly last weekend in State College, at a Penn State football tailgate, though the sighting has not yet been confirmed.

Because of the possibility of transporting lanternflies, Penn State put out a message to football visitors from the 13-county area prior to last weekend's game to check their vehicles and outdoor items like grills and tables before heading to State College

"This is a very serious concern," said Kelli Hoover, Penn State professor of entomology. "People really need to be careful." 

Centre County Report's Kennedey Bell has more with Hoover and Krystal Wasson of Wasson Farm about the threat posed by lanternflies.

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