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Victim 1 to Reveal Identity in ABC News Interview on Friday

by on October 18, 2012 4:41 PM

When Victim 1 first came forward with allegations of his abuse suffered at the hands of Jerry Sandusky, no one believed him and he was cautioned to be careful of who he was leveling accusations against. 

On Friday, he'll reveal his identity on ABC News, in an interview on '20/20.' 'Good Morning America' and 'World News' will air excerpts prior to the prime time, full-length interview. The man whose report of abuse launched the grand jury investigation told ABC's Chris Cuomo he doesn't want to be an anonymous victim anymore, known only by his number. He also said he doesn't want people's sympathy but for them to understand what he went through. 

"Victim means, people feel sympathy for you, I don't want that," he said, according to ABC News. "I would rather be somebody who did something good, like a hero or something."

The interview precedes the release of the man's book, titled "Silent No More: Victim 1's Fight for Justice Against Jerry Sandusky," according to ABC News. 

Victim 1 testified before the grand jury and again in June at Sandusky's trial. 

On Wednesday, ABC News petitioned the court to be able to use the photos of Victim 1 used at trial. These were photos of him as a boy during the years he was abused, both photos with Sandusky and ones Sandusky took of him, at various sporting events. 

Cleland granted ABC News the right to seek permission to access the photos but ordered the Attorney General's Office to respond within 20 days with any objections or concerns. A footnote on the document indicates that ABC will likely not be able to air the photos on Friday night, according to a court spokesman. 

Sandusky was sentenced to 30-60 years in prison on Oct. 9 for his sex crimes. He was sent back to the Centre County Correctional Facility for 10 days but is scheduled to report to Camp Hill on Friday. 

Counsel for Sandusky were also given 10 days to file an appeal, which means Friday is the last day they have to file. Sandusky's attorney Joe Amendola said last week he would be filing an appeal.

Sandusky Order Regarding the Motion Filed by American Broadcasting Company

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