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When It Comes to New Year's Resolutions, There are Plenty of Options

by on January 06, 2013 8:48 AM

New Year’s resolutions help to ring in the upcoming year, as people promise to start January off the right way. Though many mean well, some of the most common resolutions are broken within the first few weeks of the new year. To make sure that 2013 starts off on the right foot, choose a resolution similar to the following and stick to it throughout the year.

1. Quit smoking and drinking: Quitting these bad habits is the most common New Year’s resolution. Others plan to reduce their daily, weekly or monthly consumption. Those who chose these resolutions will help you to begin the year living a healthier lifestyle.

2. Get a better education: Among the most popular resolutions is the idea to learn more. Many enroll in higher education, while others take classes oriented at a specific trade. Find something you are interested in and dive in.

3. Change jobs: High expectations for the year lead many people resolving to find a new or better job. Many promise to find a different career or to start their own business. If you are planning on changing careers, look into something that will make your life feel more worthwhile.

4. Eat healthier and get into better shape: Looking better and feeling better is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions made by people around the world. Losing a few pounds is at the top of many people’s to-do lists, especially after the food-centered holiday season.

5. Manage stress: In today’s hectic world, many plan to better manage their stress during the upcoming year. When people take the steps to manage stress, you can help protect yourself from health problems like heart disease, migraines and depression.

6. Save money: Throughout the year, many people feel the need to spend instead of save. To begin the year off right, look into creating a savings account that is added to biweekly or monthly.

7. Volunteer: Many people promise to help those less fortunate during the new year. Whether they plan to work in food banks and soup kitchens or to clean up trash along the highway, thousands hope to make the world a better place with their resolutions.

8. Spend more time with family and friends: With today’s hectic schedule full of work, hobbies and other outside activities, many chose vow to spend more time with their loved ones during the upcoming year. Spending more time with your family and friends can help to relieve stress, causing you to lead a better life.

9. Get organized: Many people use the New Year to clean clutter that has gathered in their homes and offices from the past year. Resolutions include vowing to keep homes and office cleaner, more organized and to learn better time management skill to get more out of each day.

10. Travel to a new place: Because of the stress of today’s lifestyles, thousands of people promise to travel more. Make a list of the places you intend to visit, while you make specific plans to relax and enjoy the vacation.

Sam is a correspondent for the Gazette.
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